The Introduction of New Leadership (Chancellor and Vice Chancellors) of Kabul University

On May 28, 2020; there was a farewell ceremony of former Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic and Students Affairs of Kabul University and introduction of new leadership of the Kabul University (Chancellor and Vice Chancellors). The ceremony was held in honor of the former leadership of Kabul University with the presence of the Minister and other officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University officials. During this ceremony Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury professor of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy in Pharmacy Faculty of Kabul University, the former Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs and Adviser of Ministry of Higher Education has been introduced as a Chancellor of Kabul University instead of Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs. Mohammad Faisal Amin the former head of promotions of professors and spokesperson of the Ministry of Higher Education has been introduced as a Vice-Chancellor for students affairs instead of Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashimi; and the former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Naeem Azimi has recently been appointed as a head of quality assurance at the Ministry of Higher Education, that he will also be officially introduced.

Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; spoke about his four years of great work and achievements and his leadership team in academic, administrative, student affairs, international affairs and cooperation, promotion and the academic credit of Kabul University at the national and international levels, while thanking for the joint efforts and continuous cooperation and relevance of the accompanying leadership team, university professors and staff, the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education and especially the President of Afghanistan as one of the academic figures. Therefore; Kabul University has made great strides in the last four years, pointing to a number of challenging challenges that have slowed down the process of the country's higher education system and the obstacles facing Kabul University's promotion to the second and third generations. Mr Farooqi said he and his entourage had worked hard to ensure that Kabul University had achieved its high historical position, meeting the standards of quality assurance faced by the resistance and teaching result-oriented, student-centered and technology-oriented teaching at the site. It will become normal for the second and third generations of universities, the new entrants will consider their presence as an honor in their lives, the graduates will see themselves as the hope and future of the country, the university will be upgraded from the first to the second and third generation and have international applicants. Fortunately, due to these joint efforts, as well as to the esteemed heads of universities, professors and his colleagues at the university, these great goals have been achieved to a considerable extent.

The speeches and comments of the members of the Academic and Scientific Council of Kabul University in the meeting that was held before this meeting with the members of this council confirmed the successes and achievements of the Prof. Dr. M. Naeem Azimin and Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashimi that they have been approved as the honorary doctorate candidate. Addressing the audience, Mr. Farooqi said that now Kabul University, your university, with the most prestigious national document, has academic prestige as an unprecedented and historic honor. Curriculum and its scientific texts have been 100% updated; Quality assurance issues that were previously met with resistance and reaction have now become commonplace. Charges such as embezzlement, misconduct, and administrative and moral corruption have now been removed from the institution. Disengagement, ethnocentrism, partisan, ethnic, linguistic, religious and racial tensions, as well as the decoration of walls with photographs of leaders of different ethnic groups, have been dismantled. That now this university has its national and international value. 

At the end of his speech, he said that as far as the laws and principles allow the president of the university and his accompanying leadership, they have spared no effort and despite the cumbersome rules, the budget and limited powers have achieved these successes, but he stressed that "the only solution for universities, especially Kabul University, to second and third generation universities and internationalization is university independence," and called on the new leadership of the university and the Ministry of Higher Education to continue their path; through that page, they will open the new page of Kabul University and the country's higher education.

Then, Prof. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Academic Affairs and Acting Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education opened his speech by saying that “Kabul University is a source of hope and spiritual value for Afghanistan". Mr. Balakarzai thanked the former leadership of Kabul University and congratulated Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury on his selection as the new Chancellor and his new Vice Chancellor of the University, and thanked them for accepting these responsibilities. He said that the changes needed by Kabul University would be achieved with the new leadership and that the current hopes and aspirations would be met.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, the Chancellor of Kabul University, also thanked the leadership of the Afghanistan government and the Ministry of Higher Education for appointing him as a Chancellor of Kabul University. Dr. Babury during his speech praised the fruitful activity of Mr. Farooqi and his deputies on the development of Kabul University. Dr. Babury said that leading universities is a difficult task and one of the main reasons is the changing needs, especially in the production of knowledge and services in society. He expressed hope and aspiration to use academic experiences, knowledge and the cooperation of the academic community. And the administration of this enormous scientific and academic center by support of Allah will achieve the expected goals. He added that certainly, Kabul University will achieve more academic and scientific developments and progress.

It is worth mentioning that before this meeting, a meeting of Kabul University Scientific Council was held, in which Hamidullah Farooqi, former chancellor of the university, Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azimi, former vice chancellor for academic affairs and Dr. Tafsira Hashemi, former vice chancellor for student affairs thanked the presidents, professors, staff and colleagues of Kabul University who have worked closely with them in every field, and after that the members of this council, while expressing their gratitude and farewell. Mr. Farooqi, said that they will continue to be a professor at Kabul University, expressing satisfaction with the unanimous approval of Kabul University's "Honorary Doctorate Degree" for Dr. Azimi and Dr. Hashemi by the Kabul University for their honest work, efforts and significant achievements during their tenure. That it will be officially implemented in a near future.

Then the students, professors and staff of Kabul University, while thanking the previous leadership of Kabul University, wish them success in their personal and social life and express their hope that with the new leadership, Kabul University will achieve other supercilious goals.