The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury, has Officially Started his Activities as the New Chancellor of Kabul University

The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury, has recently been appointed as the Chancellor of Kabul University by the suggestion of the Ministry of Higher Education and approval of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s government. Dr. Babury has officially started his activities as the new Chancellor of Kabul University during a meeting on June 3, 2020; with the new Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs; Deans of faculties; a number of Professors and officials of various departments of Kabul University.

Dr. Babury; welcomed the officials to the Chancellor’s Office of Kabul University; and expressed his gratitude for cooperative work and services to the people of the country; he had a brief review on progresses in the country's higher education and emphasis on the fundamental needs of Kabul University in various fields and the better responsibilities at different levels of the university were emphasized. Dr. Babury; during his speech, that Professor Faisal Amin Kabul University's new Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs were attended; called the officials to continue to work together to improve academic; scientific and educational affairs and play constructively and productively role for development of knowledge in Afghanistan; that Kabul University be able to achieve its elevated and granted goals in the near future, which is exactly the same as the second and third generation universities, and to achieve its historical position.

By holding these meetings; reviewing and evaluating various academic, educational, administrative affairs by the new Chancellor of Kabul University, the activities of the executive of this academic and scientific center has officially started and will seriously continue.