Participation of Kabul University delegates in the Second Scientific Conference of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Countries – China

Kabul University professors have participated as Afghan delegates as observer member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at the Second Scientific Conference of its member states, held in Beijing and Shandong of China in 03/12/2019. Afghan delegates participated in the competitive programs of this conference and won the Excellence Award for Afghanistan.

Dr. Mohebullah Wali and Dr. Hamidullah Zahab, both of Kabul University's Engineering professors, attended the conference with the aim of launching one-phase and three-phase smart meter installation competitions by technicians from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). These professor introduced by Kabul University and they actively participated in the conference.

On the sidelines of this conference, effective and valuable lectures were presented by the relevant Chinese institutions whose main focus was the identification and arrangement of the professional workers attending the conference. As Afghanistan was included in the program as an observer member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, these lecturers also participated as observers in the competitive program of the conference. They say: "gratitude to suggestions from our colleagues at Kabul University to improve our future plans, we are fortunate to have received the Excellence Award on behalf of the beloved country which is an honor to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, especially to Kabul University."

In this scientific conference, participants also visited the technical facilities and training centers of the Chinese state-owned electricity grid, which thankfully announced their cooperation with the Kabul University to upgrade the capacity of the technical staff in their training.

Afghanistan and China cooperate in various economic, cultural and scientific fields, including Kabul University, one of the most important institutions in the country with various scientific relations with the People's Republic of China.