Official Visit of the Higher Education Board of Afghanistan from the Cities of Paris and Lyon, October 7 to October 12, 2019

The Higher Board of Higher Education of Afghanistan is consist of Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs;  Dr. Wahidullah Mohmand chancellor of Medical University; Dr. Haji Mohammad Naimi head of Quality Assurance and professor of pharmacy faculty of  Kabul University, regulator of Kabul University collaborations with French universities and Abdul Samad Omar Professor of Chest Surgery Department of Medical University and regulator of Kabul Medical Sciences University collaborations with French universities. They have traveled on 06/10/2019 through an official invitation.

 The purpose of the trip was to negotiate and conclude a scientific collaboration agreement with Claude Bernard Lyon University 1, visiting the various centers of Claude Bernard Lyon University 1, in particular teaching centers, libraries, laboratories and civil hospitals. Visit with Afghan students residing in the cities of Paris and Lyon, examining their educational status, living conditions and, where appropriate, addressing their environmental needs and problems, and meeting with Chain de Lespoir (NGO) officials, a structural partner and a member of the French Joint Hospital Leadership Board (FMIC) is supporting maternal and child health in Kabul.


Trip details and board schedule:

The board arrived in Paris on October 7th, while Mr Olivier Huynh Van was accompanying them to the French Embassy in Kabul, with officials from the FMIC hospital's Chain de Lespoir situated in the vicinity of Kabul Medical Sciences University, the Institute met with Kabul University, Kabul Medical Sciences University and its professors and students to review and expand its partnerships, and agreed to hold a joint meeting of the board of directors. Sponsor of FMIC Hospital (Ministries of Higher Education and Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Institutions A KDN and Chain de Lespoiri), which is due to be launched in November this year, will discuss the Afghan proposals and decide on the necessary arrangements to expand and expand its cooperation with the Afghan academic centers.

The Board also continued the October 8th and 9th updates during intensive and well-prepared Agenda programs while conducting numerous meetings with Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University officials and Lyon City Hospitals from teaching sites, laboratories, hospitals, libraries, visited the cultural centers and other important sections of these institutions and on October 10th  held a final meeting to discuss the continuity and development of cooperation between the academic institutions of Afghanistan (Kabul University and the University of Medical Sciences) with the Claude Lyon Program Board 1 and the officials of the Lyon Civil Hospitals, while mentioning and thanking the parties for their previously cooperation on the deployment of qualified students to enhance capacity and financial assistance of the French Embassy in these programs and suggestions of the President of the University of Lyon, Prof. Frederic FlEURY, in the Simulation Section for the Training and Training of Afghan Students in Kabul University and Kabul University of Medical Sciences University and Extension Collaborations in Scientific Research Between Scientific Institutions, from the upgrade of FMIC Hospital to 250-Bed to 500-Bed and they have agreed to change that to an Academic center among these institutions.

The scope of the academic cooperation agreement between these institutions and have signed the Quadrilateral Agreement and its Implementation Agreement (Implementing Convention on Cooperation between Kabul University; Kabul Medical Sciences University and Claude Bernard Lyon University 1, Lyon French Hospitals) drafted in Farsi and French languages ​​by the Chancellor of Kabul University, the Chancellor of Kabul Medical Sciences University, the Chancellor of the University Claude Bernard Lyon, and the Head of the Lyon Civil Hospitals in the presence of other members of the Afghan and French delegations and signed the documents. It was exchanged. On October 11, the Board, according to the plan, visited the Laboratory of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Lyon Hospital in the southern part of the city, as explained by the Head of the relevant department.

Summary of the Board's specific achievements in this successful five-day trip, successful negotiations with French non-governmental organization (NGO) Chain de Lespoir and their support for the expansion of FMIC's partnerships with Kabul University and Kabul Medical Sciences University to provide opportunities for faculty and students. The universities in the hospital, the four-party agreement between the institutions concerned with the development of scientific relations and cooperation, the study of problems and the suggestions of Afghan students in the city of Lyon and the expression of interest and suggestions for the cooperation of educational institutions and civil hospitals in France with the Afghan scientific institutions.