Visit of Kabul University’s Delegation from France and Sign of an Agreement

The Kabul University Board is headed by the Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; with the participation of the Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azimi academic affairs vice chancellor of the Kabul University, Pohand Lal Padsha Azmoon professor of Languages and Literature Faculty, Dr. Mohammad Aslam Nasimi, Dean of the Languages and Literature Faculty, Dr. Abdu'l-Matin Shahidi Professor of Shari'a and head of Professor Affairs, and Dr. Abdul Raziq Ershad, Professor of Veterinary Faculty and head of postgraduate programs in Kabul University, based on an official  invitation  No.2, 15;  22/ 09/2019 On Sunday, have visited the French universities and signed an agreement with (INALCO) to enhance the capacity of professors, academic cooperation in the Pashto and Dari languages with INALCO, Kabul University's independence and self-sufficiency, digitizing, studying European quality assurance standards, engaging relevant universities to enhance the capacity of PhD students in the fields of veterinary, pharmacy and economics, providing conditions for academic and scientific research. They have visit and high teaching system of French in the cities of Paris and Strasbourg and participated in relevant programs. 

On the first day of the visit, the Kabul University and Institute of (INALCO) worked on a framework to collaborate and establish a joint Master's program in French Language and Literature at Kabul University and to establish Dari and Pashto  Languages and Literature Faculty in  (INALCO) with the aim of promoting Afghan language and culture in France and Europe, providing education for students and sending students to foreign universities, establishing French language research areas in Afghanistan and Pashto and Dari in this institute and France, they have  discussed and ex-changed ideas and they have reached on an agreement between the parties for the next three months.

Following the first day, the Kabul University introductory session was also held at the French Ministry of Education with the participation of the French Higher Education Board and Kabul University. Then Professor Hamidullah Faroqi spoke and Dr. M. Naeem Azimi presented a presentation about the introduction of Kabul University to enhance the French cooperation in five cases. Then the representatives of the French Ministry of Higher Education on the independence of universities, higher education in France, research activities, the national academic document awarded to students, the rules for student enrollment, the independence of universities in 2018, the European Academic Union Association. Other related topics provided comprehensive information and important points were discussed with the participants' for comprehensive discussion.

On the second day of these meetings (September 24, 2019), the French Sorbonne University Paris also visited by them, where the chancellor of the Kabul University provided brief information to the officials and then discussed on how to provide technical cooperation and provision of a memorandum of understanding was provided by the Kabul University’s academic affairs  vice-chancellor. Cooperation between the Sarbanes and Kabul universities in the three areas of need, such as enhancing the capacity of PhD students in the fields of veterinary science, pharmacy and economics has been identified, as well as the Kabul University plan for the next 10 years together with their collaborations. The meeting was also concluded with complete success and commitment from the Sorbonne.

 In addition, the Kabul University Board held a meeting with the President of the National Veterinary School of Alfort on the cooperation and granting of PhD scholarships for Kabul University's Veterinary Sciences professors.  That the Veterinary School of Alfort National promised to grant doctoral fellowships next year.

On the third day of the program (September 25, 2019), the Afghan delegation traveled to Strasbourg to visit the Institute University Technologique   (IUT) together with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Higher Education. On that day, the Kabul University Board of Governors visited the Strasbourg University Academic Facilities, and then an official meeting was held with the Head of the Department of Quality Assurance in this university. First Mr. Farooqi expressed his gratitude for visit of Kabul University board members from academic institutions this city and requested for these relations to be strengthened in a written document signed between the Kabul University and the Strasbourg University. Then academic affairs vice chancellor President of Kabul University analyzed the areas of understanding as a necessity among the parties, which were welcomed at the meeting and the officials of the University agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Kabul University soon after the official process to cooperate with quality assurance areas. Subsequently, the head of the department of quaternary affairs at this university presented a top quality management in quadrants in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, which was facilitated after the discussion. Afterward, the university's Quality Assurance and Accreditation Officer presented the European Quality Assurance Criteria and discussed how to apply it in harsh university conditions.

The fourth day began with a visit to Strasbourg University. Topics such as teaching, promoting scientific research, and recognizing excellent quality have been described and discussed by the university officials, and important points and challenges have been discussed with the exchange of views of the stakeholders and with the commitment to further collaborate on the issues. The special cooperation agreement will be completed; prepared and presented in the future by the Kabul University Board of Experts in the framework of an Action Plan.

Similarly, the fifth day of these visits began with a visit of the International University House in which the Kabul University Chancellor during his speech said that demanding that we continue and carry on our scientific cooperation with the France academic community, especially the Kabul University, which at one time it gained fame and reputation, but unfortunately the civil war turned it into a battleground between groups and sects. We demand to have previous French cooperation with our esteemed university collaborate in the fields of pharmacy, veterinary and economics. As a result that university promised to cooperate in the sectors proposed by Kabul University and suggested and discussed for a specialized meeting to establish the framework of the cooperation agreement.

Therefore, the trip was followed and ended by an official meeting of the Kabul University Board with an independent French Quality Assurance and Accreditation body in Paris, and with closing statements by Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; and Honorable Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azimi, vice chancellor of academic affairs at Kabul University, and representatives of the French Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.