Kabul University Board Delegations Participated in the 5th Annual General Assembly of the Silk Road Association of the Almaty City of Kazakhstan

Kabul University Delegation leaded by Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; Mr. Mustafa deputy of the union attended in the 5th Annual General Assembly of the Silk Road Association of the Almaty City of Kazakhstan on September 18, 2019. This program was organized from 18 to 20 Sep, 2019.

The Kabul and Herat universities are among the country's academic institutions that have recently become members of this important and international global academic family network that is in all respects consistent with Afghanistan's regional integration and connectivity programs as an effective regional and geographical route to the historic Silk Road.

In this year's inaugural program of the Photography Competition Awards Ceremony, students included in the association hold on September 18 by the President of the Association, honored by students who competed in various areas of photography and deserved the Jury Award. Fortunately, one student from Herat University and one from Kabul University also received one of the high prizes of the competition that provided us with pride in Afghanistan and our universities.

The inaugural session began with the keynote address by the Vice President of Kazakhstan, the Mayor of Almaty, Dr. Huang, President of the Association of Silk Road Universities, the President of the Kazakh National Alfarabi University, and several other speakers. While welcoming the guests and members of the Forum and congratulating them on the start of this round of the General Assembly, all speakers emphasized the need for time and the potential and effective role of academic institutions in highlighting areas of regional and global value-based convergence. The exchange of goods, services, knowledge, technology and culture must focus on strengthening the association, and all members should strive to do their best to strengthen the association and raise the level of effectiveness and enhance their collaborative efforts.

The Fifth Silk Road Network Summit was held under the slogan "Role of Universities for Transforming the Silk Road in to Peace Road with Prominent Human Heritages ". The first part of those ceremonial articles and talks that took place after the speeches of the board of directors and the honorable transfer of the flags of member universities from outside the courtroom with special ceremonies by the volunteered students of Alfarabi University and the recently honored ones were introduced.

Subsequently, as the high-level delegation and guests left the meeting, the Universities Network General Assembly convened with the report of the Secretary General, Dr. Shingdon Howang, who is also a professor of foreign studies at the Hancock University of South Korea.

The report presented the annual performance together with the Association's last year's financial report to the Association's General Assembly meeting, which subsequently presented the views and opinions of the Head of the Financial Supervisory Board, which endorsed the figures and material presented in the entity's financial report. Recently, after receiving members' comments, the financial report and the report of the former chairman of the association were voted on, this was unanimously approved.

On Thursday, September 19, the plenary session was divided into two sections, with one body member and the other student body invited by two of each university to pursue their respective agendas in various venues. The Free Speech Officer talked about the topic of the forum and how it worked at two o'clock in the afternoon, while the other students included Agenda, the Presidential Elections and the Silk Road University Association of Vice Presidents, which was thankfully provided by Omid Mehriar. The head of the Kabul University Students' Union won the post of Vice President of the Students Section of the Association after being elected for a year and was elected for one year as Head of the Asian Section of the Association.

On the third day of the gathering, the program was again open to students and officials. Students had their own core curriculum and discourse, while academic institutions students each had the opportunity to discuss their respective institutions about the role of the Silk Road in spreading the happiness and pleasure of the people in the region or how historically transformed the Silk Road as a regional peace route and they gave their speeches at the meeting.

Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs;  have also made a statement and presentation as the first member of the Kabul University Association on the subject and status of Kabul University and its role in the historic expansion of human resources education and training in the country and the policy of the  Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan presented on the development and expansion of regional convergence that was of interest to the audience. The honorable chancellor of Herat University, was among the speakers on the same day who presented his views on the Silk Road and the presence of Herat's geography and civilization values ​​at the time.

Honorable Kabul University chancellor professor Hamidullah Farooqi, continued on previously prepared work through correspondence and concepts. At the end of the afternoon meeting by the presence of delegates and members of the Academic Cooperation Memorandum with the President of the Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi as the most prestigious universities in that country and region. That more than forty Afghan students in the university are currently applying for scholarships in Kazakhstan through various scholarships. Al-Farabi National University President in response to the remarks made by the Kabul University President after expressing his gratitude, they pledged their promise to assist the Al-Farabi National University and the State of Kazakhstan in providing further education to the children of Afghanistan.

During his speech Mr. Farooqi invited the Secretary-General of the Association to visit Kabul, Herat and other provinces of the Silk Road civilization. It was also suggested that other universities should also be affiliated with this association such as Badakhshan, Al-Biruni University, Balkh University, Bamyan University and Parwan University.

The Secretary General of the Association, Dr. Huang, accepted the suggestion that he would visit Afghanistan at the appropriate opportunity and be a guest at Kabul University. They also made sure that it also provides membership opportunities for other universities in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Mr. Farooqi has included other Silk Road universities to become members of the organization that is ultimately essential, effective, and integrating the academic community's convergence with this historically rich geographic line, particularly to ensure prosperity, development and peace in the region. And thereby encouraged the achievement of the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Program for 2030, which was one of the expectations of this summit.

It is noteworthy that the Kabul University Board, while actively contributing and prominently participating in programs including the Agenda of the Fifth Assembly of the Silk Road University Association, also honored future achievements.

1. Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kazakhstani National Al-Farabi University, this was one of the aspirations of Kabul University professors and students in recent years.

2. Obtain the position of Vice President of the Silk Road University Students Association.

3. Providing an opportunity to meet Afghan students residing in the city of Almati who, through the efforts and interest of the Kabul University chancellor, as a Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; on the first day of the delegation's visited the city of Amati, in the meeting about twenty students shared  of their problems and made recommendations on how to make the most of their educational opportunities, in their professional and specialist areas, and in acquiring the necessary skills and demonstrating their abilities as a virtuous and responsible Afghan citizenship.

4. Afghan teachers and students residing in Kazakhstan shared their problems with the chancellor of the Kabul University, Professor Farooqi while hearing their problems, promised to share their problems with the relevant authorities and take action to resolve them.

5. The leader of the delegations honorable Mr. Farooqi had the opportunity to share his views on issues related to local journalists and to present the position of the country's academic community to its citizens.