Performing Arts and Cultural Programs by Folklore Music Group of China Consulate in Kabul University

Kabul University on Tuesday had a program on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the naissance of the Republic of China, which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the return of Afghanistan's independence, to a cultural and artistic performance by the Folklore Music Group of Kansu Province. In this spectacular program; Dr. Tafseera Hashemi vice chancellor of students affairs in Kabul University; Mr. Masoud Perouzi vice chancellor of Finance and Administration affairs; Mr. Yang Dong Wei consul of China Embassy Police, members of the Kansu Music Group led by Ms. Dang; professors;  deans of of Kabul University departments and students were present.

At the beginning of the program, Dr. Tafsira Hashimi vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs; welcomed the guests and attendees; also expressed her pleasure for organization of the art and cultural program at Kabul University. On behalf of Kabul University, Ms. Hashemi congratulated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Friendly State of China with Afghanistan; in particular its cooperation with the Kabul University, and emphasized on further cooperation.

Then, Mr. Yang Dong Wei the Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Kabul gave a speech, celebrating the centennial of Afghanistan's independence, regarding the Chinese Consulate and its historic importance in connecting the Silk Road. Concerning the Chinese Kansui Province, he said the province was the starting point for the Silk Road and the route connecting China with the Asian and European countries, and now the Kansu Group, led by Ms. Dung, has performed their artistic performances in various countries under the name of this historic province.

In the continuation of the program, the members of the band began with a beautiful performance of their music as a band that was warmly welcomed by the participants and each performed a variety of Chinese folklore music instruments and played a role in the colorfulness and beauty of their performance. During the program, they also performed some artistic and sporting performances that delighted the audience.

This artistic program; which took place at 01:00 pm in the Central Auditorium of Kabul University ended around 03:00 pm.