Conference on Evaluation of Afghanistan Government's Economic Activities in Kabul University

Kabul University as the oldest and most prestigious academic and scientific institution in the country, today, Wednesday, 6th Sep 2019, had a conference on the evaluation of the economic activities of the Afghanistan National Unity Government, which was the result of the research of the Professor Fazil Ahmad Joya, Economics Faculty professor. The program was held at the meeting hall of Kabul University's National Policy Research Center. Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs,, as one of the keynote speakers, welcomed the conference attendees, said that such programs is effective and important. The university's professors and officials at the National Policy Research Center expressed their gratitude for supporting and promoting such activities.

Mr. Farooqi spoke about economy and the many challenges facing its growth in the country. These challenges have existed from a long time ago which have always caused inflation and inflation in the country's financial and monetary affairs and in recession and backward. Economic turmoil has had a great impact, as if the economic situation had deteriorated dramatically a year before the establishment of the Afghanistan National Unity Government, precisely when political, economic and military transition processes were to be put in place simultaneously. Therefore, resolving it required careful consideration of the dimensions and factors of such challenges and obtaining information. Fortunately, Kabul University professors have consistently paid attention to this important issue, always discussing topics, scientific discourses, and research papers on a variety of topics, including important economic issues, and discussing their findings and result with the authorities. Those responsible for adopting and implementing reasonable policies have suggested that the present study was one of the same programs to fulfill our university responsibilities.

The chancellor of the university considered one of the major challenges in the country's economic arena as not encouraging and not providing investment opportunities for the private sector to embody value and market share and economic activity. And scientifically present members can obtain desirable information. He urged attendees to reflect on the outcome of the conference in a variety of ways for executives and the public.

Subsequently, Professor Abdul Baqi Binwal, Director of the National Policy Research Center, thanked the participants of the program for their participation, invited other professors, students and scholars to conduct research in various fields and announced to support such a collaboration activities.

The conference was attended by a number of lecturers and researchers from Kabul University, researchers from the Afghan Academy of Sciences and representatives of the National Bureau of Statistics and Information. In the next part of the program, honorable Fazil Ahmad Joya, Professor of Economics at Kabul University, who conducted this scientifically important research, presented the results of his research on how the economic situation has been going up and down over the last decade, especially during the five-year period of Afghan National Unity Government were introduced to the discussion.

The results of the investigation will also be announced through various media outlets and will be shared with the authorities. Summary of the research findings for those interested in studying this valve will be published.