On the 19th of July, National Day of the Flag was celebrated in Kabul University.


The flag of the three colors of the country is a symbol of the pride, authority and honor of our dear people. This year, as we commemorate the first year of National Flag Day, various offices and agencies across the country celebrate this historic day in a separate ceremony. As one of the oldest and largest scientific, academic and national institutions in Kabul, Kabul University honored its national and cultural mission with its prestigious national and cultural flag, walls and trees. The country's flag was honored and cherished.

The event, which was held at 5:28 pm on Monday evening, 19th of July 2019, was held by the leadership of the University of Kabul on the occasion of the opening of the flame. The chancellor of Kabul University, the honorable deputies of the university, the respected professors, staff, and students of this academic institution had attended in this event.

In this program, Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; addressed the event and celebrated the National Day as a symbol of love; attachment and love for the homeland and the land.

Mr. Farooqii declared National Day of National Identity and National Value, saying that today, people and youth across the country are celebrating under the umbrella of this tricolor with pride and arrogance. According to the chancellor of Kabul University, the emblem is a symbol of national unity from long distant periods that has always united the country and is a great national value that the people, especially the brave and courageous security forces, are throwing under this banner. Their blood has always defended their homeland, their heritage, their freedom and their dignity, and they have recorded the history of independence and freedom.

Honorable Mr. Farooqi has introduced the three colors of the country's flag, the black flag symbolizing the dark days, the red marking the blood, the sacrifice of the people of this land against the invaders and the green flag of our beloved country symbolizing greed and hope for the future. Mr. Farooqi recently commemorated this day as a tribute to the feelings of the beloved all people of this land, while congratulating the participants of the day and the people of the country, thanking all those involved and organizers.

At the same time, Mr. Ahmadzia Rafat, Professor of Journalism at Kabul University, organized a presentation on the evolution of the country's history and its historical background, with the flag of the country from its first day to the present, and presented and provided general information about the flag to the participants of the event.

The commemoration of the National Day of the Flag was also accompanied by national songs, which were enjoyed by the program participants. The commemoration ended at 7:00 pm with national prayers and salvation in the country.