The Scientific Discourse of the Chabahar was held "on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the independence of the country" at Kabul University.

Kabul University organized the scientific discourse of Chabahar in honor of the 100th anniversary of the independence of the country in coordination and cooperation with the Presidential office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This program is scheduled on Thursday; 11th of July 2019 for the first time on the occasion of the 20th  anniversary of Cancer in the presence of Mr. Sarwar Danish the Second Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Diploma Engineer Dr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, minister  of the Ministry of Higher Education and the academic Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs,; Mrs Salamat Azimi minister Counter Narcotics Ministry and a number of delegations and Professor of Kabul University and different sectors, deputies of the Presidential Office, Mr. Reza Maleki, cultural advisor of Iran in Afghanistan, heads and deputy ministers of some universities, deputy ministers of Kabul University, faculty presidents, professors, researchers, staff and students were participated.

At the beginning of the program, Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs; on behalf of the Kabul University, had welcomed the participants of this scientific-cultural gathering. He said once again, it is a pleasure that Kabul University organize the political, scientific and cultural elites of the country by your presence and support, and celebrate on the occasion of the centenary of the extradition of independence of the country.

The chancellor of the Kabul University, pointing out that "28th of Assad" is an important turning point in the lives of the people of Afghanistan and is an important event in Afghanistan's political history, added that on this blessed, the fate of our country after suffering and disaster the abundance of poisonous fishes and poisonous crops have all come to fruition, and the brave and courageous struggles of hundreds of thousands of people, including men and women who sacrificed for independence and freedom.

According to Mr. Farooqi, with the achievement of Afghanistan's independence, our country was in the midst of profound social, economic and cultural changes, and several laws and regulations that recognized the rights and obligations of every citizen of this country. It was based on the same laws that the gates of the universities of the developed world opened up to the thirsty young people. Also, dozens of newspapers and magazines were created due to the development and progress of the people of the country; and the Seraj Al-Akhbar and Ershad Al Naswan are among the most famous of these publications.

Mr. Farooqi pointed out that the Independence Day of the country, with the name and memory of the young, progressive and liberal king of Afghanistan the Majesty Amanullah is tied; every economic and industrial activity that is observed today in the country is rooted in developments in the progressive regime is related to the day of the liberation of Afghanistan's 28 Assad and Independence.

The Kabul University is pleased that in a warm atmosphere, the participation of scholars can be regarded as our honors, opportunities, or our common pains and suffering in various economic, Social, cultural, and even political and security issues gives value to scientific discourse. The fields of arrangement of scientific and native programs and mechanisms in the light of the findings and scientific research of these centers of thought for practitioners and policymakers.

Meanwhile, the chancellor of the Kabul University recognized the achievements of the Amanayi era, emphasizing that the responsibility of all residents of this house is shared, with a new attitude and a profound transition to the history of human suffering and disasters, their actions and their implementation plans with a serious vision.

Mr. Farooqi, our beloved country, has described Afghanistan as an important and strategically important area of geography, both in history and now that it has the ability and capability to play a role in sharing values for our common family and our region. He mentioned the role of this country and its children in the purification of human cultural values through the creation, development and connection of civilizations along the path of silk and other civilizations of this undeniable region.

Meanwhile, Mr. Farooqi, called the new and serious moves that have taken place in Afghanistan for the implementation of arbitrary ice and the removal of obstacles to the implementation of regional convergence programs resulting from practical initiatives in the light of the state's deep and strategic vision. National unity and especially the wise opinions of the Afghan President on the release and salvation of Afghanistan from the unique geographic prison of the new horizons in our region and in our geography are very useful and profitable. He stated that the implementation of the projects of  TAPI, TAP, Kasa One Thousand, Historical Way  of Lajaward and dozens of other regional programs, and recently the opening of the Chabahar port is considered as a great pond for the salvation of our country and our people.

In the past, he mentioned the economic benefits and economic significance of the Chabahar port and other ports of the country. Kabul University, as a main institution among other universities, has an impact on the history of its country, in cooperation with other institutions, especially academic and cultural institutions; examines the effects of these changes on the discourse and reflects the intellectual wisdom of intellectuals and thinkers in the region. Mr. Farooqi expressed his gratitude to the secretary-general of the Office of the President's Office and all those who worked on the program.


Subsequently, Honorable Sarwar Danish the second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, while congratulating the announcement of the results of the 2019 exam for the Afghan people, said that the holding of the Konkor in recent years has been praised for transparency and order.

The second vice president talked about the Ministry of Higher Education Accreditation Certificate to a number of state and private universities, an important step towards ensuring the quality of academic institutions in the country, said that this measure also credits the scientific institutions of the country and creates positive competition for further growth and development between universities.

He while referring to the prominent position of Kabul University, pointed to the professors and scientific elites of this credible scientific institution to argue and logic against extreme currents and not to allow the clean minds of the youth of the country to be influenced by deviations and extremism. .

The vice president said that the foundations of modern educational institutions and the foundation of academic education, which was established by Shah Amanullah Khan, said that it deserves to be welcomed and celebrated by the institutions of the country's academic institutions and universities on the 100th anniversary of the country.

Mr. Danish emphasized that the only recognition of the work of Amanullah Khan and the independence of the country was sufficient and resilient, but that the age of independence should be analyzed academically in order to find out how effective this one hundred years had been in preserving the independence and progress of Afghanistan. And it is our mission to complete the entire chapter of Amanullah Khan's reform.

Deputy Head of the Presidency, called the foundation of education and the press, the establishment of a legal order and the drafting of the constitution, the establishment of constitutional monarchy and the approval of the establishment of parliament as part of the lasting reforms of Amanullah Khan, emphasized that the insight and method of Amanullah Khan should continue in Afghanistan.

The vice president said the 100th anniversary of the extradition of the country's independence coincided this year with an important and decisive event, namely the upcoming presidential election. He called on the people of the country to join the presidential election enthusiastically and vote for their favorite candidates.

Meanwhile, the professor Danish  also spoke in part in his speech on economic development in the country, although the start of the National Unity Government faced many challenges, including the process of transferring security responsibilities to the internal forces of the country and as a result of the extensive terrorist incursion in Afghanistan, the government managed to take important and effective steps for the country's economic development, along with a duplicate effort to secure the country.

Honorable Sarwar Danish; said that the increasing the percentage of the country's development budget spending in recent years, making reforms to improve the business environment and ranked more appropriately by the World Bank in 2018, implementing the program of the covenant of citizenship, production and distribution of electricity; the interior was introduced through the Salma Strait and other hydroelectric stations of the country and activation of sunny power supplies and the continuation of practical work on the construction of 25 water stations and several solar power stations throughout the country, including the effective activities of the national unity government in the country's economic development.

The vice president also said that the Afghan government has already taken successful policies to improve its position in foreign trade and investment. Mr. Danish said that the agreement on the Chabahar port, the gas pipeline, the Casa Project of a thousand, the memorandum of a belt and a way from the Chinese government, the Kasa Project and the launch of the Afghan Air Corridor to India, China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates As one of the effective measures of the National Unity Government to connect Afghanistan to the region and other countries of the world.

In the end, the professor Danish thanked the Kabul University for the launch of this scientific discourse.

Also, Diploma Engineer Dr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and the academic Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, reminded the results of the Konkor exam and its transparency, and expressed their gratitude for the full support of the government. The minister of the Ministry of Higher Education congratulated the accreditation process of the six state-owned scientific and government institutions that have recently received the national accreditation document, and congratulates the leadership of the government and the scientific community of the country, and the management of the current higher education system requires a different thought than in previous years. He spoke about the economic importance of the Chabahar port, emphasizing the growth and development of academic discourses around such issues in the scientific institution.

Diploma Engineer Dr. Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, said this scientific discourse was discussed in order to identify different aspects of the Chabahar port and thanked the Kabul University in orgasing this program.

At the same time, Mr. Fardin Hashemi, the economic Advisor to the Directorate General for the Presidential Administration on Foreign Policy of the Government, and the Chabahar project and Honorable Imam Mohammad Vermach, head of the National Road Transport Office, talked about how to build this project and their subsequent plans. They named the port of Chabahar as one of the cheapest and closest transit routes in the country and thanked the head of the Kabul University for the purpose of implementing this scientific program

On the other hand, in this scientific discourse, each one respected: Pohnar Saifuddin Sihoun, Mohammad Reza Farzam, Jamshid Heidari, and Professor Aklil Rahin, professors of Economics Faculty at Kabul University, presented their scientific papers on the importance and benefits of the Chabahar Port, its opportunities and challenges.

In the afternoon program, this Economic Dialogue panel was organized on the importance and economic benefits of the Chabahar Portal, which consisted of university professors, while responding to questions from participants. The program ended with a general conclusion by the Hamzeh Aslami, head of the Faculty of Economics at 4:30 pm

It should be noted that the Chabahar port is one of the closest and cheapest ways of accessing Afghanistan to international waters and connecting to international transit routes. This port is one of the economic ports that is closer to the center of Afghanistan compared to Bandar Abbas's "90" kilometer and the "700" km of Karachi port.