The "Hypnotherapy Therapy" Seminar in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Kabul University

The seminar on "Hypnotherapy Therapy" was attended by the dean of the department of psychology and education of Kabul University, professors and students of that faculty, in the central hall of the Kabul University.

Hypnosis is a branch of psychology, the faculty of psychology and education at Kabul University was urging to conduct a seminar on "hypnosis" for its students in the course of their therapeutic programs, so that the students would be more familiar with the issues of hypnosis education.

At the beginning of the program, the dean of the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Kabul University, Dr. Sataruddin Sediqi, welcomed the participants of the seminar and spoke about the hypnosis and its effects on human. Mr. Sediqi mentioned the importance of providing educational and training programs for students of faculty of psychology and educational sciences, and emphasized on the continuous implementation of such programs.

Then, Professor Mohammad Alizadeh, the representative of the human type association, presented his seminar on hypnosis and shared the general knowledge with the students. The students also asked to continue to work on the subject and proposed to present hypnosis therapies by students this week.

At the end of the program, the dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Kabul University thanked Professor Mohammad Alizadeh for providing a seminar and sharing his information on hypnosis.