The Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; has visited China on the second round of China-South Asia Cooperation Summit

The Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; on June 8, 2019, has traveled to Yunnan Province, the China People's Republic in Yu Xi City to participate in the second round of the Poverty Reduction Cooperation Initiative for China - South Asia of China. He has welcomed by the Chinese People's Ministry officials at the airfield.

The Afghan governmental delegations participated in the opening ceremony of the second meeting of the South Asian Cooperation Network on 10 / June / 2019. The forum was opened by the deputy governor of Yunnan Province, where representatives of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Mali and Pakistan discussed the economic and commercial achievements of their countries in the past year; and wished more achievement for next year.

On June11, 2019, the Afghan delegations visited the Deputy Governor of Younen, the first Governor of Greece, Mr. Yu Dingcheng, they have welcomed the Afghan delegations and informed the public about poverty reduction, the state of the economy and the state of the Yunnan province.  He said economic development in China, especially at the University of Yunnan, was a good opportunity for Afghan students to teach and receive scalars, and said that Afghanistan and China need to empower academics, staff and employees to attract more and this trend should be strengthened more strongly. He also described Afghanistan as a rich country and considered the blessings of having abundant mines in a country with a good economy, and promised to cooperate in this ingredient.

Economy Minister Ajmal Ahmadi later spoke on behalf of Afghanistan, adding that the China-South Asia Cooperation Forum was a good opportunity and we should have more opportunity of achievement. In Agriculture and Mine Sector for Afghanistan and China are considered very important. Minister of Economy talked about the binds and talks of both countries, especially in the areas of exchange of property, services, and academic values, and thanked the Chinese authorities for their support.

The afternoon on that day; the Afghan delegation opened its official opening ceremony on the reduction of poverty in China and South Asia, which was officially opened by the Deputy Governor of Younen and informed about the establishment of this association and its progress.

Subsequently, The Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; said that poverty issues are very importance worldwide. Afghanistan is also considered a South Asian country, which, unfortunately, its people also suffer from the poverty. He added: "Most sector ministries have taken steps to reduce poverty and we have not been able to make a positive change because of our forcible wars in Afghanistan to reduce poverty and change the situation."

And likewise; Mr. Farooqi added that the key to reduce poverty is the advancement of trade and finance. He also said for reducing poverty, health, education, has important role.

On June 12, the Afghan delegations have participated in the opening ceremony of the Yunnan International Fair in Kunming, where almost 77 exhibitions were exhibited at the exhibition. There were 118 booths for Afghan products and handicrafts, and Afghani delegations have visited the pavilions.

Also on Wednesday afternoon, the delegations have participated in the 7th china -south -southeast Asia think-tank forum. At the scientific meeting organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, more than 10 scientific papers were presented by scientists from member countries and international experts. The majority of papers presented focused on how to coordinate between the nations and the countries in this area to build and create a coherent community for the future and address the future needs of the future, which was a great pleasure for the participants. The meeting lasted around 6:00 pm. Then the Afghani delegations have participated in a banquet of dinner hosted by the leadership of the provincial government and its government in honor of guest houses

On June 13th, The Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have visited Sunny Road & Bridge. At first, Mr. Ping Yuying representative of the company welcomed the Afghani delegations and introduced himself and his colleagues and informed about the projects he was working on. He added that our company is an international company and is engaged in the construction of bridges in the construction of roads, airfields and, in particular, as an example provided information about its activities in Lavas and Pakistan.

The chancellor of Afghan delegations Mr. Farooqi stated that Afghanistan has been severely damaged in the 40 years of the war and has been helping and cooperating with the friends of the People's Republic of China in Afghanistan around the world for 18 years. We hope that this company takes part in Afghanistan reconstruction, its roads and bridges are needed to build and rebuild.

At the end of the visit, both sides exchanged for the intended deliveries, and Afghani delegations returned to Kabul on April 14/2019.