The 100 Centenary of the Birth of Abdul Rahman Pajwok and Mermain Hamidah the Academic and Cultural Figures, has been Honored at the University of Kabul

The late Abdul Rahman Pajwok and the late Mermain Hamidah, the late sister of Seyeed Shamsuddin Mujroh and aunt of the martyr professor Sayeed Bhawuddin, the famous poets, cultures and literacy of our country has been honored. During their prolific period scientific, cultural and literary activities were done that a number of them are remained. Kabul University and the Khoshal Khan Cultural Center, which is a nationwide scientific and cultural institution, celebrated the character and workings of these famous and distinguished writers at the Kabul University in honor of these scholars’ performances and personalities of intellectuals.

This scientific-cultural program was held on Monday, 17th of June; 2019 in the department of Chinese language of Languages and Literature Faculty at the Kabul University. In the program, Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; the honorable principals of the Ministry of Higher Education, the professors and researchers of the universities of the country, scholars and members of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, and the number of political and cultural figures in our country were participated.

At the beginning of the program, the honorable Dr. Baryali Bajori, the professor of language and literature faculty and the head of Khoshal Khan cultural institution, welcomed the attendance of all the participants of the program and talked about the personality and works of these two great scholars and their scientific activities, their cultural and literary values are worthy and praiseworthy.

Consequently, Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; thanked the organizers of the seminar, thanking all the participants of the seminar. He conveyed his appreacition and good wishes for holding and commemorating these great scholars. Mr. Farooqi, while speaking about the activities and functions of these two great scholars, mentioned their activities and efforts in the field of cultural, literary, scientific and political affairs of the country.

According to Mr. Farooqi, the late Pajwok and late Hamedah were political activists, politicians and poets of the country who were left with great consequences and responsibility; and he said it is the Kabul University responsibility and scientific and cultural institutions to set up cultural and scientific programs.

He assured; that the Kabul University, with all the means and resources to strengthen, support and celebrate the functions and use of the works of these great scholars, and has taken rapid steps and is working with other agencies to highlight them.

Meanwhile, a number of professors, scholars and researchers of the country, including the respected scholar Zalmai Hewadmal, have spoken about the dimensions of the personal life and the scientific and cultural functions of the late Abdul Rahman Pajwok and the late Mirmain Hamidah, and they have been interpreted from the cultural, literary, poetry, caring, inventive, and prominent politician of the country noted that many of them had a tremendous treasures in the field of literature and culture in the national languages of "Dari and Pashto" and English.