The International Conference of Leaders and Higher Education Officers in Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, by participation of Afghanistan’s Higher Education High Commissioner

Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi, chancellor of the Kabul University, together with a number of academic staff and officials from Ministry of higher education; institutions and universities, have invited with the British authorities to attend the International Summit of Leaders of Higher Education Institutions and the Academic Society from May 12-18, 2019 at the center of the BCC, the Berlin Congress of Germany.

The forum is organized by the British Council of UK, with the cooperation of German Agency for the Study of Academic Services Exchange (DAAD) and a number of other institutions were set up in order to establish a relationship between digital phenomena and analogical systems of higher education programs, which still include teaching methods and higher education services in a number of countries.

The Afghanistan Higher Education delegations participated in the opening ceremony of the conference, with more than a thousand influential and international characters of higher education on the Monday after of 13th May, 2019.

In the afternoon of the second day, the topic of the role of digitization globalization in higher education in Europe and South Asia was discussed at the General Conference of the same day that Hamidullah Farooqi, chancellor of the Kabul University, along with four other leaders of higher education from different countries of the South Asia and Europe were invited to comment and debate.

The chancellor of the Kabul University, on behalf of the Afghan higher education institutions, expressed his gratitude from the British Council and conference organizer; he evaluated and commended the excellent meeting of the world's higher education, in the context of this panel and lateral discussions. They discussed the contents of digital technology discussions and its effects on higher education in the region and in Afghanistan, he has answered and explained the questions presented in the meeting; that it was interesting for the audience.


The chancellor of the Kabul University and other members of the Higher Education Board of Afghanistan participated actively in all the sessions related to the higher education of the world; they shared the realities of the Afghanistan Higher Education sector challenges and opportunities in different panels.


The Higher Education Board of Afghanistan, by using the provided opportunities, considered the foundations for the development of academic co-operation between higher education institutions of Afghanistan and the universities of the country with other institutions and universities; in order to provide effective academic relations. The Afghan delegation, along with the commentary and explanation of the status of Afghanistan's higher education institutions, including Kabul University, has found that there are similar challenges and opportunities in the field of higher education in different countries of the world, using technology; Digital Fields Far from the distance, the exchange of professors and students, the launch of joint scientific research, the use of laboratories, libraries, figures and scientific indicators of global institutions of higher education, especially for higher education institutions in our country.