Professor Gul Mohammad Bassel, Head of Master Studies and Professor at the Arab Department of the Languages and Literature Faculty at the Kabul University; has visited the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Professor Gul Mohammad Bassel, Professor of Arabic Department of Languages and Literature Faculty at the Kabul University, during an official visit, visited the Riyadh State University on the invitation of Center and the Scientific Research Center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, representing Kabul University The scientific conference entitled « مؤتمر الاستعراب الآسیوی» contributed to the promotion of Arabic language in Asia. The conference, which took place on March 8, 2019, was attended by delegates from more than 18 Asian countries near to 88 in members.


Mr. Gul Mohammad Bassel also participated in this panel during the duration of the conference. On the first day of the conference after the program participants attended the conference. Dr. Yahya Mahmoud Ibni Junid, Director of the Center for Scientific Research and Research, welcomed the attendance and a number of participants made their statement on the issue.


At the second meeting of the same day, the conference participants appeared in separate and different panels and presented their papers under the supervision of the Jury. On the second day of the conference, the Kabul representative presented his article entitled « القوانین الصوتیت فی التعریب»

 in the second panel, which was welcomed by the audience.« معیاریهایی آوایی در عربی سازی الفاظ»

The third day of the conference was also held on the same day and on the fourth day of the conference, the closing ceremony was held.


The participants discussed on result and the conclusions of the conference, and suggested such conferences in different countries in the future.


After the end of the conference, guests from different regions of Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh, visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and went on to visit the city of Madinah and Mecca in order to do the Umrah.


At the end of the conference; admiration letter, which was considered by the Center for Research and Scientific Relationship to the Dr. Professor Gul Mohammad Bassel, professor at the Arab Department of the Faculty of Languages and Literature at the University of Kabul, was handed over to him.