Universities Union and Higher Education Institutions of Afghanistan Will Establish

Officials of the country's scientific institutions came to the fore on the 17th April; 2019 announced a movement to establish a union of universities and state institutions of higher education across the country.

Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; one of the main sponsors for the establishment of the Union of Universities and Higher Education Institutions in the country, called the creation this union to co-ordinate activities and the opportunity to meet the needs of universities, which is one of the basic needs of society and the democratic system of the country.

Mr Farooqi said universities are always struggling to bring quantitative and qualitative changes, and the establishment of this organization will enable us to take faster and more effective steps towards meeting our university goals. He identified the creation of this union as an achievement of scientific and academic goals, called on the chairmen and academic assistants of universities and institutes of higher education to take practical and rapid steps in this regard, so through that growth we will have a great opportunity to bring quantitative and qualitative changes in the scientific and academic institutions of the country.

At this meeting, the vice chancellors’ of the Kabul University and the majority of the heads and deputy heads of science from universities and institutes of higher education of the country were also present, Mr. Mohammad Reza Farzam, vice chancellor in Finance and Administrative Affairs of Kabul University, drafted the statute of the union, comments and suggestions of the meeting attendees.

The heads and deputies of the governmental Higher Education Institutions in the country welcomed the Kabul University's initiative plan to establish a union of universities and institutes of higher education in the country and thanked the chancellor of the Kabul University in this regard. The participants attended the meeting, discussing the issues included in the constitution, and their complementary and scientific contributions.

At the end, the opinions and suggestions provided by the members of the meeting were finalized and the necessary amendments were made to the articles of association and were approved and accepted by the members of the meeting. After the ten days of the interim union, after receiving the complementary opinions and confirmations from the leadership boards of the universities and other universities that were not present at the meeting, the draft statute will be sent to the responsible authorities for reference and final Formation. Based on the provisions of the statute and the approval of the present members, the headquarters of the union will be inside Kabul University.

Also, at the end; the admiration letters, which was held by the Kabul University for the University of Kabul vice chancellors’; heads of departments and a number of staff of the University, who shared their topics on the Academic Dialogue on Peace and Conflict Resolution and fully work together were awarded by the leadership of Kabul University.