Kabul University Academic Council was established


The Academic Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 15th January at 9:30 PM, under the chairmanship of Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, at Kabul University Academic Council Hall. The deputy heads of the university and members of the academic council were present there.

The academic council meeting was officially launched by recitation of some verses of Holy Quran. Then, Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs welcomed the members of the academic council, presented a report on the state of the university and described it well. Mr. Farooqi also discussed the order of availability, cleanliness and snowiness of the university's departments in the context of the reopening of the male hostel services and the management of the female hostel, and called on the authorities of the faculties and other departments of the institution to pay serious attention to these issues and have a responsible attitude.

In addition, Mr. Farooqi requested faculty members of the academic council to inform their faculty professors who are assigned to the various committees of this body to participate seriously and consistently in those committees as their legal responsibilities. Otherwise, those who do not consent to this, will be treated with legal and principled treatment.

Kabul University Chancellor has pointed to issues such as the involvement of Kabul University professors in other departments and scientific institutions, allegations of persecution, acts of bias and violence, abuse and corruption, and charges of concern at promoting extremism at the university and he called for more serious measures and systematic and practical coordination in these areas. He recommended that they should take serious measures and unacceptable encounters to eliminate allegations and create an extremely healthy and academic environment at all levels. So that the expectations and trust of our children and our community from this sacred institution to its highest and in proportion to the status of this university has been met continuously.

In the closing ceremony, Mr. Farooqi thanked the efforts and activities of the professors who worked in various committees of the University's Independence Program. Afterwards, several members of the Academic Council also shared their views with regard to improving the affairs and discipline of the university.

Later, according to the agenda, honorable Prof. Dr. Abdul Matin Shahidi, Director of Professors’ Affairs, reviewed the contents of the session proceedings regarding 20 promotion, establishment and appointment of professors from Kabul University and other colleges of universities, and discussed with the members of the academic council and the decision-making was made.

Also, Kabul University Deputy of Academic Affairs, Dr. Prof. Mohammad Naeem Azimi, reported on the comprehensive, well-documented evaluation report of the recent master's degree programs, highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the programs, also, called the heads of faculties and members of the academic council to pay attention in addressing shortcomings and defects. In the course of the meeting, the application from students were summoned, the students' dissertations and the dissertation cases of the university, and the necessary decisions were taken by the members of the academic council in the matter of decision-making. The meeting was ended with the blessing of goodness in the country at 1:30 pm.