The book "Finding the Reality and Role of Justice Science" was unveiled by the Afghan Law Science Service Institute at Kabul University.


The scientific and legal work titled " Finding the Reality and Role of Justice Science " by Mohammad Ashraf Bakhtiari, a professor at University and the head of the Institute of Legal Sciences of Afghanistan and Judge Mohammad Eliass Bakhtiari,a member of the Second Chamber of Kabul Branch, recently written and edited by them, is decorated today on Saturday, 31st December, in Kabul University Central Auditorium. Mohammad Ashraf Bakhtiari, Head of the Institute of Legal Sciences of Afghanistan, Ambassador Anissa Rasouli, Head of the Appeals Court for High Crimes of Corruption, Mr. Khuwaja Abdul Haq Ahmadi  Martial, Attorney-General of the Attorney General, Mr. Mohammad Reza Farzam, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration of Kabul University, Mr. Ghulam Dawood Shaykh, Head of the Ministry of Higher Education Audit, the number of honorable heads from Kabul University faculties, professors, scientists and a number of officials from the country's justice agencies were participated in the program.

At the beginning, honorable Mohammad Ashraf Bakhtiari, Director of the Institute for the Law Sciences of Afghanistan, and the author of the book " Finding the Reality and Role of Justice Science ", welcomed the presence of all the guests in the program of goodwill, and talked about the issues raised by this scientific and legal work. During this ceremony, Mr. Bakhtiari, while reminding us of how the book was published, thanked the Kabul University Chair for providing facilities and organizing the opening ceremony.


Consequently, Mr. Prof. Mohammad Reza Farzam, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration of Kabul University, from Kabul University address, welcomed all the participants of the program, while publishing this scientific and legal work, congratulates the authors and the scientific community of the country. He thanked and gratitude to the writers of the book.

Mr. Farzam added that Kabul University, as the oldest scientific institution, has always been seeking to provide academic services, opportunities and fields to serve the scientists and researchers of the country so that they can have their scientific and abilities.

At the end, this scientific and legal work was unveiled by panel members after a detailed review and explanation. The work is in two volumes and it attempts to integrate some of the most important subjects in the medical and experimental sciences.

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