The 3rd Student Dramatic Literature Festival was held at Kabul University


The festival was held in the Cinema Hall of Fine Arts Faculty at Kabul University, at 2 pm on Sunday 11th November, while Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, Prof. Mohammad Aalem Farhad, Dean of Fine Arts Faculty, Prof. Fazel Ahad Ahadi, Head of Dramatic Literature Department and Head of Cultural Council of Kabul University, Prof. Mamoun Maqsudy, the art and cinema actor of the country, Mr. Dawoud Pazhman, the artist and songwriter of the country, program judges, professors and students of this university were participated this festival.

The program began with the recite of several verses of Holy Quran, playing the national anthem of the country and live performance of Samah dance by the Red & White group. Then, honorable Prof. Mohammad Aalem Farhad, Head of Fine Arts Faculty, welcomed the audience and thanked the supporters and practitioners of this genre of dramatic literature, saying that dramatic literature is one of the most important and most valuable literary types. It turns out that the author transmits his purpose and message to the audience through the image and act in the form of a story.

The Head of Fine Arts Faculty, also added that conducting dramatic workshops on the various dimensions of the students was important and valuable in improving their knowledge and professional skills. As the Head of Fine Arts Faculty, he wished the festival's performers much more success and thanked the French Cultural Center in Kabul and the Guetta Institute which sponsored the festival.

Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs thanked the organizers of this festival for commenting on the subject of their message and he added that the holding of the festival of dramatic literature in today's fragile conditions on the one hand, it is difficult to do, and on the other hand, it is a worthwhile task that is difficult because the enemies of religion and humanity, our cultural and scientific assemblies, and our cultural and scientific programs are aimed at preventing enlightenment to show an effective and humane method.

Kabul University Chancellor said that the most effective weapon in the world today is art and consciousness, the programs aimed at promoting these two categories and, by recognizing the pure talents that move on either of these paths, are in fact an effective step in the long-term campaign agenda, a conscious and enlightened class, to achieve the supreme human goal. Mr. Farooqi has mentioned the main goal of holding such festivals by the department of dramatic literature of the Faculty of Fine Arts, recognizing capabilities and talents so that they, in their own way and language, have a valuable contribution to the promotion of the spirit of struggle and awareness.

Mr. Farooqi thanked the honorable professors and students who are writing in the direction of the culture and art of this country and doing cultural activities, and wished that our scholars and writers on various cultural, artistic and literary aspects would have researched their work and given their highest humanity.

Also, Fazel Ahad Ahadi, Head of Drama Literature Department and director of this festival, and several other professors, also spoke about how to hold the festival, and to launch such festivals in order to create a suitable place for responding to the educational needs of students and the growth of the situation. Literary arts in the country and in highlighting the scientific issues were regarded as important students.

The festival was sponsored by the Guetta Institute and the French Cultural Center in Kabul for a day. Out of the 80 scripts and plays that were sent to the third student drama festival, twelve screenplays and plays have been selected for writers and referees. Appreciation letters were distributed to the writers and judges of the festival.