The Basic Foundations of Higher Education Institutions are Teaching and Exploring Scientific Works and Values

This is a report by Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the books on "Work and Education Techniques" by Prof. Ghulam Dastger Behbud, and "How to Write an Academic Article" shared by  Prof. Ghulam Dastger Behbud and Prof. Mohammad Hameed Zia, professors at Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature at Kabul University, which was at the Hall of Chinese language Department of Languages ​​and Literature Faculty at Kabul University of Kabul.

The ceremony, which was held on Saturday, 22nd September, Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, number of Deans of Faculties, professors and students from Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature were participated.

 Kabul University Chancellor spoke about the role and importance of books and works in higher education institutions and the academic community of the country, and it is the responsibility of higher education institutions that, along with the teaching, they should publish scientific values ​​and works. . Mr. Farooqi expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the value added, the scientific works and the efforts of the professors of the Kabul University to express their gratitude to the other professors who would like to devote their values, works and new books of instruction to students and scholars. We have sufficient educational and research resources, help them and the scientific community in acquiring academic qualifications and attaining the goals of human development and excellence.

Mr. Farooqi congratulated the professors from Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature on the scientific works of Faculty, the Faculty Leadership and students, and expected that all students of the field would try to acquire the necessary skills and competencies in their fields of study. It is imperative for national and international competitive squads to take advantage of the materials of the books and works of the professors and continue to pay close attention to their teaching and writing skills.

Prof.  Dr. Mohammad Aslam Nasami, Head of Languages ​​and Literature Faculty, welcomed the presence of the guests in this program, and talked about the book and its importance in the community and considered the study of the book in the discussion of the broadening of thought of humans and he congratulated the professors for the publishing of these works and asked the students to use the materials of these books to be optimized.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ghulam Dastger Behbud, professor of Language and Literature Faculty, spoke about how the publication of these books in the national language was encouraged and used for all students of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature and other faculties.

At this event, the works of "Work and Education Techniques” and " How to Write an Academic Article”, which were written recently published by the professors of Languages ​​and Literature Faculty, were unveiled and were accessible to book enthusiasts and studiers.