Celebrate the Ceremony of Obtaining Kabul University Academic Accreditation Certificate

Quality improvement and accreditation are being made by the Ministry of Higher Education every year to improve the quality and standardization of educational services in higher education institutions. This year, Kabul University was evaluated by the Ministry of Higher Education in the third stage of its quality improvement and validation process. This academic center, in accordance with the criteria of the quality assurance framework of 2017, provided a series of measures documented by the Review Board as a result of its evaluation, so Kabul University was able to obtain an academic accreditation document by obtaining a standard score.

Kabul University hosted a ceremony on 15th September 2018 in Kabul University's Central Editorial Hall on honoring the accreditation document, in which Honorable Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Najibullah Khuwajah Ameri, Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, Honorable Minister Najib Aaqa Fahim, Minister of State for Disaster Management, deputies of Kabul University, heads of ministries of higher education, deputies and heads of some ministries, chairmen of the Central Bank and National Bank, deans of faculties, professors, employees and university’s students were participated.

This program was officially launched by the recitation of the verses of Holey Quran by Prof. Satar-U-Din Sediqi, Dean of Psychology and Education Faculty and the National Anthem by the professors and students of Kabul University Fine Arts Faculty. Then, Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, on behalf of Kabul University, welcomed the participation of all the guests in this exceptional and proud program of excellence, and said that the university is celebrating one of its first sources qualities of achievement. Kabul University Chancellor said that the community and the government are uncertain about the quality problems facing the higher education institutions of the country and said that we are responsible for solving the concerns and uncertainties of the society and the government through the provision of standard services and the desire to have high quality education for our citizens.

Mr. Farooqi stated that Kabul University's Directorate, in 2017-2018 put this concern at the top of its strategic priorities and focused and will focus on the leadership characteristics, students' affairs, including of good governance, effective administration, academic and research activities, improvement of quality and governance, transparent and effective financial and administrative.

Mr. Farooqi mentioned the stages and results of the quality assurance at the university and how the candidacy of this academic center was in the third phase during 2017, saying that the university was able to validate the academic accreditation document at this stage by carrying out a series of major activities at the level of leadership, management, and implementation of quality improvement measures were carried out in 2017 and following the implementation of all the criteria for improving the quality at the leadership and executive levels, it was able to validate in the third stage and obtain an accreditation document.

In his remarks, while expressing his gratitude to the Ministry of Education, the Head of Quality Improvement and the Excellency's Office of Ministry of Higher Education, also thanked all university professors and colleagues for their great achievement, and this great success of the Kabul University has served the leadership of the delegation and he congratulated the Ministry of Higher Education, the country's academic community, professors and staff of the university.

Then, honorable Prof. Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azimi, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs at Kabul University, welcomed the presence of all the guests in this program and congratulated the obtaining of this great and historic achievement to the leaderships of the Ministry of Higher Education, the leadership of Kabul University Board and all academic community. He mentioned that Kabul University has gained access to such an academic honor as a product of collaborative efforts with the commitment, co-operation and endeavoring activities of all faculty members and university staff, and the wise support, guidance of Higher Education Ministry and Kabul University. He also thanked the joint efforts of all professors and assistants and the necessary guidelines for the leadership of the higher education and the head of the Kabul University.

Afterwards, Honorable Minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Najibullah Khuwajah Ameri, congratulated the achievement of the accreditation document to the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Accreditation of the Ministry and Kabul University, and thanked the efforts of the leadership of Kabul University, its professors and staff. He added that there are 167 educational institutions in Afghanistan, of which 64 institutions are in different stages of accreditation, and 5 universities include of Kabul University, Kabul Medical University, Kandahar, Kardan, and Afghan American University, have passed the phases of accreditations with a minimum of 85 percentage of total grades. According to Prof. Dr. Najibullah Khuwajah Ameri speech, 9 educational institutions, 2 of which are private and 7 are government institutions, are in the second phase of validation and are candidates for the third phase, 9 other institutions are newly included in the second phase, and 39 educational institutions are in the first phase of accreditation, and all of these institutions are assessed on a continuous basis, gradual, corrective, comprehensive, specialized, and guided by the eleven quality assurance criteria.

Mr. Khuwajah Ameri said the main objective of this achievement is to improve the quality of educational services in the educational institutions of the country, rather than preventing and implementing a policy of removing and limiting educational institutions. He called on all educational institutions, especially private educational institutions, to facilitate and speed up this process with a positive spirit and cooperation with the accreditation teams, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that were identified after receiving evaluation reports. In order to address the weaknesses and increase strengths, take practical steps and take the pivotal result.

The Minister of Higher Education also mentioned the revision of the National Higher Education Strategy, adding that the collection and analysis of information from various central and local sections has been completed and a team of experts and elites from the Ministry of Higher Education is analyzing the gathered information. The strategy seeks to leverage the logical mechanisms of the Ministry of Higher Education and public and private universities, from a learning-driven to research-driven stage.

Mr. Khuwajah Ameri, in a section of his speeches, asked the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education, the universities of the country, especially Kabul University, that he has been waiting for the quality of teaching at the universities of the country and the resources of the Ministry of Higher Education in the department of management. In addition to the fact that culture is one of the most common problems in the country, the most important work of the academic institutions, along with the holding of classrooms and the provision of educational services, asked all the educational institutions that the students in the field of cultural education have made efforts so that students through their own and all people of the society will lead to the goals, interests of common values ​​and ideals, in order to establish the basis for development and stability in the country.

Also, Prof. Sayed Farhad Shahedzada, Head of General Affairs for Academic Affairs, Prof. Haji Mohammad Naimi, Head of Quality Improvement and Accreditation, Dear Mr. Faisal Amin, Head Hire and Promotion at Ministry of Higher Education and Honorable Nour Ahmad Darwish, Head of the HEDP at the Ministry of Higher Education,  were the other speakers of this important program, who each talked about the topic and they congratulated the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul University for Kabul University Academic Accreditation Certificate.

Meanwhile, two contracts were signed to improve the professionalism of the staff of DAB and the National Bank at the MA degree in Finance and Banking in the Faculty of Economics between the Ministry of Higher Education, Kabul University and the DAB and National Bank. And the responsibilities of the parties are separately noted in these contracts.

In the recent program, all honorable deans of faculties, the number of professors, and staff of Kabul University who have done their best to improve the quality of their duties were praised and acclaimed by Kabul University Chancellor and the appreciation letters were distributed to them.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Higher Education, following their in-depth study, determined the external review board for evaluating Kabul University that assessed almost all universities from 31st  May to 8th  June 2018, which according to the documentation provided in all directions, they express their independent and reasonable opinion to the Quality Improvement Board and, after completing its legal process, in the letter No. 100/291 dated 14th August 2018, the Quality Improvement Department, containing the verdict No. 3459/2767, has been granted the honorary title of the Ministry of Higher Education by getting 85.15 points for the implementation of the criteria for improving the quality and satisfying the requirements of the third stage for the academic credibility of the university.

The program ended with a prayer for good and success in the country and a wish for the success of the institutions of higher education.