The Agreement Letter of Cooperation between the Faculty of Physics of Kabul University and Ibni- Seena's Private University

The agreement letter of cooperation addresses the goal of intellectual, academic and research cooperation with regard to the necessity of developing the research culture between professors, students and elite scholars and enhancing the spirit of scientific cooperation between these centers by Mr. Pohand Zalmai Ahmadzai, the head of the Faculty of Physics of Kabul University And Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, the head of the private university of Ibni Seena, with the presence of the honorary Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azimi, the vice chancellor of academic affairs, Professor Dr. Mohammad Aref  Naemadz dean of Engineering Faculty and number of professors and staff members of these two universities.

This agreement was signed on Sunday 11th of September between these universities at the Academic Affairs Office. At the beginning Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azimi, vice chancellor in academic affairs and chairperson of Kabul University, welcomed the guests, and expressed his pleasure through signing this agreement letter. He emphasized on the implementation of the agreement. The vice chancellor in academic affairs of Kabul University considered this agreement valuable for both academic Universities and pointed that research in an academic university as one of the urgent necessities. Also, Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, the head of Ibni Seena private university, expressed his gratification with signing a cooperation agreement with the head of Kabul University for joint academic and investigative work, and read out the implementation of the agreement on achieving the desired goals of the agreement.

This agreement consists of the eight themes, each of which is accentuated by the academic and research responsibilities of both universities. 

In the addition to the agreement, three other themes were signed between the heads of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering for the purpose of joint academic and research work that they also called for the implementation of their agreement.

After signing these agreements, the parties will provide the area of cooperation between the two sides in accordance with the text of the agreement.