The Opening of the Mobile Restaurant by the Students from Kabul University Faculty of Economics Department of National Economics in Kabul

For the second time, a mobile restaurant in the car was created by male and female students From Kabul University Economics Faculty, which provides diverse food from the morning and afternoon on Kabul roads.

At the opening ceremony of this mobile restaurant, which was held at the conference hall of publications in Kabul University, Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, Honorable Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashemi Deputy Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Mohammad Abdul Malek Halimi, Dean of Economics Faculty, Economic Faculty Professors and students were participated.

Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, on behalf of Kabul University, congratulated the Faculty of Economics on the efforts and entrepreneurship of the faculty, professors, students and entrepreneurs, and called it an example of job creation in the country. Kabul University Chancellor appreciated the student initiative, anticipating that the people of the community did not see it as a superficial encounter, but would always encourage entrepreneurial young people in this field.

According to Mr. Farooqi speech, no country in the world, in any climate or geography, has been continually rich or poor, but also the efforts, perseverance and abilities of those who were able to create opportunities, civilizations and spiritual and material values. Entrepreneurship for human societies. Mr. Farooqi added that a successful and rich country would create a new mindset and its people will be engaged in entrepreneurship and employment for themselves, their people and their colleagues.

He also mentioned the mobile restaurants in the countries of the world and asked the students of Economics Faculty to use their own abilities and experiences of others in the development and sustainability of their work and business, never rely on assistance in the discussion of business. Because reliance on unpaid grants or grants reduces energy, ability and efficiency, and cannot compete successfully in the provision of their services and business. In the meantime, Mr. Farooqi once again commended the efforts of the Faculty of Economics students, and urged them to strive for the development and sustainability of their business, with due regard to quality, in the prevailing market competition.

Prof. Abdul Malek Halimi, Dean of Economics Faculty congratulated the students on their efforts, and urged them to strive to compete with all the good services for the people. Mr. Ali Jumah Nazari, representing the Presidency of the Union, also congratulated students on the success of their projects and brought entrepreneurship to self-employment and others.

Also, Nouriziah Sharifzadah, one of entrepreneurs and a student of Economics Faculty, reminded the team of six of her colleagues about how they thought, started their work, challenges, opportunities and goals, and added that they are trying to provide a variety of foods. At affordable prices with high quality to serve people and students.

At the end, the mobile restaurant was officially opened by Kabul University Chancellor and, Deputy Head of Student Affairs and Dean Economics Faculty, and began to operate and provide services.