The Third and Fourth Rounds of the Civil Service Exams was Organized at Kabul University

Today, Thursday 2nd of August the third, fourth and fourth rounds of administrative exams of Kabul civil servants from Kabul province were received from qualified candidates at Kabul University and other universities, including the Loya Jirga Tent. In each round, these exams were set at about 15,000 volunteers. 

Following the opening of the question box by a delegation and several volunteers, the exams under the supervision of professors and supervisors of the Kabul University and the Ministry of Higher Education Examinations Committee took place in different faculties of Kabul University and the central library of this university.

Professor Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, while the Assistant Chiefs of Education, Finance, and Administration and a number of faculty deputies were attended, visited the faculty at various faculties, Holding the best and the best of the exams gave the qualified faculty the necessary guidance and asked them to pay more attention to fairness during the exam.

Then, Professor Abdul Qadir Khamoush, general director of exams for the Ministry of Higher Education, has provided information about exam. He said, that the third round of civil service examinations included administrative packages, and the first and second rounds of exams already taken were related to the teachers of Kabul. He stated that in the third round of the examination of the administrative units of the 5th and 6th sections, about 15,000 volunteers would set up, and in the four rounds of examinations that were scheduled to be held on the same day in the specified places.

The fifth round of the civil servants tests are scheduled on Friday and the sixth round of this test, which is the last round of Civil Service Package Exams, will be available on the next Tuesday of the following week to the rest of the volunteers. The results of these exams will be announced before the 11th of August 2018.