A Scholarly Conference of Forouzan Faqiri the Distinguished Student of the Country

The academic and research conference Foruzan Faqiri the distinguished student in the field of designing and manufacturing of smart glass windows with the ability to control light absorption and design and manufacture of environmental pollution measuring device with remote registration and remote monitoring on Monday afternoon 7th of May 2018 was held in the Central Auditorium of Kabul University.

The conference was hosted by the presidency of the Kabul University by presence of Dr. Najibullah Khajeh Umari Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Moh. Niam Azimi Academic Affairs Vice Chancellor of Kabul University, delegations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Environmental Directorate, a number of governmental members, professors from governmental and private universities, and students of the Kabul University.

At the beginning, Honorable Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi referred to the importance of holding this academic and research conference, saying that holding such conferences to cultivate talents is essential. He added that Kabul University is proud to be the host of such academic and important programs. The head of the university thanked Ms. Forouzan Faqiri for their creativity and gratitude, and greatly appreciated this great achievement for her selves, the scientific community of the country and the world. Mr. Farooqi emphasized that universities and scientific centers have the duty to provide a platform for students, professors and researchers so that they can focus their thoughts, improve their talents, and win enormous honors for the country's scientific and academic community.

Prof. Farooqi admired her on the design and construction of these two devices, they congratulated Ms.Faqiri and the scholarly community on this great achievement, they also expected other faculty and students to demonstrate their talents to be proud and honor for themselves and their country.

Further, Dr. Najibullah Khajeh Umari, the Minister of Higher Education, also spoke about the importance of holding this scientific-research conference, marking the holding of this scientific conference in a series of other scientific and research conferences held at the level of the universities of the country, its results considered useful for the country. The Minister of Higher Education said that the country's universities are on the path to production, and today it is proud that the Afghan students abroad are also doing research and inventions. Mr. Khajeh Umari highlighted these achievements, saying that the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education and the leadership of the universities of the country, especially the leadership of the Kabul University, is trying to provide facilities for scientific and academic research for faculty and students, and has always supported the results of these conferences.

He added that, based on the universal principles of the higher education system, the academic institutions have three important functions, such as educational work, cultural function and research function, which lead to coordination and synergy between this mission of the universities in the direction of academic production and management of the country, which is the duty of all universities around the world. At the end, while pointing to the mission and responsibilities of the universities, he praised Ms Faqiri’s talent and expressed her hope that this scientific conference would be an incentive for other students and professors.

Then, Ms. Frozan Faqiri gave her comprehensive presentation and explanations of her scientific conference, gave answers to the questions of the participants. The ceremony ended with a good prayer in the country.