The Kabul University’s Publication Board Meeting

The Kabul University’s Publication Board meeting was held on May 2nd, 2018, under the chairmanship of Mr. Reza Farzam, Finance and Administrative Deputy of Kabul University.

The leadership of the Kabul University, along with all the counteractive programs that it has on hand, has set a standard for the academic works of professors as one of its top priorities. The formulation of these works, in terms of content and in what form, forms an important part of the goals of this academic institution.

The Kabul University’s Publication Board is a very important organ, which aims to carefully review the works of the professors who are being trained to academic promotion of (Pohandoi, Pohanwal and Pohand). All of this exertion is evaluated by the publication board; prior to being prepared for the print stage and, if there are any problems, it will be reversed for reform.

During this meeting, all five works written by the professors from different faculties were evaluated and, due to the existence of some problems in these works, they were reinstated for rectification in order to be considered at the next meeting.