Holding a Job opportunity Fair at Kabul University

The Job Fair is the summit meeting in which a group of private sector recruiters and jobseekers come together for the purpose of apprenticeship and permanent employment and job interviewing. Similarly, a delegation from Kabul University Presidency and a program to support universities and human resources development has been held today on Monday 16th April at the Central Editorial Board at Kabul University. Honored Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, welcomed the presence of guests and students, who called unemployment and lack of job opportunities a major challenge in the country and in the human community. Kabul University Chancellor said that one and a half billion people on the planet have no facilities, and most of the Asian continent's population is at a high level of unemployment. Honorable Farooqi described the existence of mankind, which produces and creates values ​​for themselves and for others by virtue of their abilities and occupation. Consequently, every human being should be committed to the creation of businesses, in order to create jobs for himself and for other people in the community.

Mr. Farooqi also spoke about the creation of the Employment Center and its importance, as part of the university plans. In addition, this university, as a scientific and historical center, has always tried to develop its curriculums and the syllabus according to the market needs, which has also been done in this field and is tailored to the job market.

At the end, Mr. Farooqi expressed his appreciation for the efforts and cooperation of the responsible authorities to support the universities and human resources development, and urged young people and students to become entrepreneurs and create jobs for themselves and others.

Honored Dr. Habibullah Wajidi, Deputy Director of the Program for the Support of Universities and Human Development, Honored Engineer Farhad Jalalzai, Head of the Independent Development Authority of the Capital, Mr. Abdul-Ehsan Muhmand, Head of “DineMak Vision”, Hamidullah Erfan and studentsare participated in this job fair.

Speakers of the program talked about creating a job-center, asking students to take advantage of opportunities, and be entrepreneurs for themselves.