The Process of Enrolling Voters for Election at Kabul University has been began

On Saturday  28th of April, the process of enrolling the parliamentary election voters with the leadership of the Kabul University, the heads of faculties and headquarters of the central branches of the university has been began in two (male and female ) parts.

Prof. Pohnar Hamidullah Farooqi, Chancellor of Kabul University and Adviser Minister to the President has registered his name and asked all professors, staff and students of Kabul University to register their names in this national process and use their vote in the forthcoming elections.

Prof. Farooqi said that every citizen who qualifies for a vote should register their selves in the voter registration centers in order to vote in the elections.

The Independent Election Commissioner expressed gratitude and appreciation for the presence of the Chancellor of Kabul University and his delegation, assuring that their staff serves the faculty, staff and students of this university.

It is notable that on that day, the board of directors, professors, and students of Kabul University enrolled in registration. It is expected that the voters' enrollment process will continue on May13th, 2018.