Attendance of His Excellency Hamidullah Farooghi at the Announcement Circle of the "Controversial Debate" by Dr. Mujib u-Rahman Rahimi

At the opening ceremony of the book "Controversial Debate" by Dr. Mujib u-Rahman Rahimi, which was held on Wednesday, 18th April in Turkish Department Hall at Kabul University Literature and Languages Faculty, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, Mr. Abdul Hafiz Mansur, a representative of the people in the parliament and author and researcher, some heads of public and private universities, professors, authors, critics and students of this university were participated.

The program began with recitation of several verses of Holy Quran, and then, Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi welcomed the presence of all the participants of the program, and valued such academic programs. Besides, speaking about the value of this program, he added the role and responsibility of Kabul University as an oldest institution in the country in this regard. He added, Kabul University, in addition of offering academic discussions and academic services, it always striven to fulfill the aspirations of society, effectively discuss the research and information in this academic center.

Mr. Farooqi also expressed his pleasure and satisfaction that he is hosting such a scientific and research program in this university. He congratulated this great achievement to Mr. Rahimi, the scholarly community of the country and all the people involved in the program, and expressed his hope that other scholars and researchers would do the same for academic and research work.


Also, Honorable Abdul Hafiz Mansur, a representative of the people in the parliament, author and researcher, Dr. Zaka Adeli, a professor at Kabul University Law and Political Science Faculty, Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, Director of Ebne Seenaa Private University, and several other scholars also spoke on the topic, thanking for the efforts of Mr. Dr. Majibul Rahman Rahimi and criticized Mr. Rahimi's book "Controversial Debate".