Professor Hamidullah Farooqi’s Meeting with Romana Schweiger, Representative of Investigating the Enforcement Law in UNAMA Organization

Professor HamidullahFarooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Advisor of Chief Minister in Higher Education Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has met with the authority of the investigating the enforcement law in UNAMA organization on Thursday 19th of April while a number of other UNAMA officials were attended. During their meeting the role and importance of the Kabul University in preventing corruption was discussed.

At the beginning, the chancellor of the Kabul University welcomed the officials of the UNAMA organization to Kabul University and assessed the role of that organization in the struggle against corruption.


Mrs. Romana Schweiger, the authority of the investigating the enforcement law in UNAMA organization, also recognized the role and place of Kabul University in combating corruption through awareness programs and curriculum for faculties, urging the university chancellor to take more efforts in this regards.

The chancellor of the Kabul University also mentioned their efforts to prevent and struggle against corruption and spoke about the programs and curricula offered by the university for the presentation of specialists in the judiciary of the country.