Kabul University Second Top Student Festival


This is the second festival for Kabul University’s top student which was held on Monday 9th April 2018 in Kabul University Central Auditorium with the presence of Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, some representative of people from Parliament, a number of staff from public and private institutions, Heads of faculties, professors and students of Kabul University.

The festival was held at the initiative of the University of Kabul Students' Union in coordination with Kabul University Chancellor and aimed to recognize the superior, creative and elite students of this university.

Ahmad Fahim Azimi, head of the Students' Association of Kabul University, welcomed all the participants of the festival at the beginning of the ceremony, talked about the duties, responsibilities and activities of the Union, and thanked the broad support of the Kabul University Chair.

Meanwhile, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, also welcomed the participation of all the participants in this festival, holding such festivals in line with the awarding of scholarship and the promotion and development of competitive scientific space is necessary and part of the responsibilities of Kabul University.

The university has been paying tribute to its staff over the course of its tenure and has so far provided many elite students to the people and the scientific community, always in the light of the constitution of the country and in the light of the President's guidance, To take firm and precise steps within the framework of its 5 year Strategic Development Plan and to assume responsibility for society and the country in order to meet the aspirations of the families and the scientific community of the country.

Mr. Farooqi also spoke on the activities aimed for ensuring the quality and rehabilitation of the curriculum of the faculties, and said that Kabul University has done all of them and presented to high authorities in order to meet the quality assurance criteria and has provided academic standards for the country's scientific aspirations. Mr. Farooqi said that the university has always been working on all aspects to use the capacity and abilities of the students for any academic changes and improvement.

He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all members of the jury of private and public sectors and students who have contributed to the establishment of this festival, and described the role of the university as supportive and descriptive in the process of consolidation of top students. He also congratulated the students who had participated in the competition and asked them to participate in the next competition.

Also Kabul University Vice Chancellor of Students’ Affairs, Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashimi considered the acquisition of knowledge and higher education as part of days and nights effort, considered the festival to honor and encourage students and create a safe, important and valuable competitive environment. She commended the work of the Refereeing Committee and the efforts and activities of the Students Union, and urged all students to make their way to high peaks with their efforts.

Abdul Razzak Wahidi, a professor at the Faculty of Science and one of the jury professors also spoke on the functions of the committee, and thanked the leadership of the Kabul University for its various contributions.

It is noteworthy that 300 students from different faculties participated in the second largest university festival of top student and 180 students among of them were shortlisted for the competition, after having completed the evaluation process, 25 best students could participate in "Ten Best" round of the competition. At the final stage, among ten top students, four top students were identified: Saleha Hedayat and Arzoo Alizai from Computer Science Faculty got the first rank, Nematullah Wafaei from Environmental Faculty, got the second rank and Shamsul Haq Shirzad from Environmental Faculty got the third rank at the Top Student Festival this year. They got their gifts such as: statues and computers, which was supported by Blue Sonic Company, Appreciation Letter from the leadership of Kabul University and other stakeholders.

Also seven of those who received the highest marks in their faculty during the last semester, along with the first three students, ranked top ten students and received their admiration.