Visit of Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs from Faculty of Islamic Law and meeting the professors and its Administration Staff

During this meeting, which was held at 3 pm on Sunday, 1st April 2018, the distinguished Dr. Fazel Rahim Basirat, head of the Islamic Law Faculty, heads of departments, professors of the master's degree programs and the bachelor program, participated in a comprehensive discussion. Kabul University Chancellor has raised issues of university expectations from the Islamic Law Faculty as a distinguished faculty and academic specialist in this academy, and questions raised in relation to the improvement of the management, the quest, and how to improve the master's programs and make the necessary preparations to provide doctoral programs in that faculty.

Questions and concerns raised by members of the academic and staff of the administration in some cases about how to teach the topic of significance were discussed., while Kabul University Chancellor emphasizing the position and importance of Islamic Law Faculty and the professors of that faculty, expected the members of its academic staff to be responsible for the great and sensitive responsibilities of the members of the cadre in order to assume the great and important responsibilities of the country's elites today against the prevailing societies. In order to understand the dangers of extremism, diverge from sacred religious values ​​against national interests, he urged them to discuss their knowledge and teaching programs in order to meet the wishes of the great and Muslim nation of the country, which has steadily been moderating and preventing hostile and radical positions in political and ideological polarization.

At the same time, Honorable Mr.  Farooqi asked the professors from that faculty, considering the scientific and technological developments in various fields, dخ not foresee the expectations and realities of the society and the market in their curricula and curriculum, but also with serious consideration and the provision of academic discipline in the university's environment was explained and emphasized as a basic indicator of the program and the core of the university's work.

Mr. Farooqi applauded the high potential of this important center and scientific index of Kabul University, urging that honored teachers and professors play their part in the quantitative and qualitative development of the faculty and university programs, all they have the resources and capacities to share with them in order to train the students at Kabul University.

The head of the faculty, the departmental officials and the professors of that faculty in turn, spoke in great detail about their abilities, challenges and aspirations, thanked the faculty director for their particular attention at that faculty, and also expected that the continuous support of the university in order to meet the developmental requirements of that faculty and to address the technical, organizational and administrative challenges of that department.

Additionally, they assured that all the professors, especially the professors of the Islamic Thought Department, provided all their curricula with purity and according to the serious needs of the students of all faculties of this university, in conducting courses with faculty departments university and college students, have consistently made their tireless efforts to meet the basic needs of the community more than ever, and pay close attention to achieve this.


At the end, Kabul University Chancellor visited the offices, works and graduations of the graduate students of that faculty while praising and acclaiming the officials of the departments of Islamic Law Faculty. At the same time, Mr. Farooqi was able to meet the course from teaching master's programs and students of this period. During the meeting, they also listened to the students' questions and aspirations, and answered their questions.

It is noteworthy that the students of the classes, a number of professors from state and provincial universities, commended the teaching methods and programs provided and the capacity of the professors concerned, thanking Kabul University for providing them with higher education.

The meeting was held at from 3:00 PM and continued until 6:00 PM that afternoon.