Visiting of Kabul University Financial and Administrative Deputy from Kabul University Central Cafeteria

Honorable Mr. Reza Farzam, Kabul University Finance and Administrative Deputy, visited Kabul University Central Cafeteria on Monday, 26th March 2018. The main purpose of the visit was to examine the status of the cafeteria and to put pressure on the authorities to provide appropriate space and quality food for lecturers, students and staff at Kabul University.

In the course of the investigation, the emphasis was seriously on the following issues, and it was conceived as responsible for infectious diseases that could not tolerate any abuse and neglect, and would face a serious legal incident if they committed an offense and behaved illegally.


Quality of Food

There are always complaints about the quality of food in the case. Cafeteria is required to provide quality food to the professors, students and staff at Kabul University as a contractor. The Finance and Administrative Deputy complained about the quality of food and asked the responsible to improve the quality of the food.


Prices of Food and other Goods

There are complaints from the cafeteria that sells food and other items at higher prices. Mr. Reza Farzam said that the responsible persons in cafeteria do not have the right to sell food and other food stuffs above the market price. A committee composed of representatives from Kabul University Students Union continuously monitors the price of goods inside the central cafeteria and its branches, and in case of misconduct and expensive, the authorities will face a very serious and decisive strike.


Order and Cleanliness in the Cafeteria

Another item emphasized by the Financial and Administrative Deputy is the provision of order and cleanliness within the cafeteria and its exterior branches. According to the contract between Kabul University and the cafeteria authorities, responsibility for cleaning and transferring waste from cafeteria to outside Kabul University is to belongs to cafeteria staff. But, as seen, Cafeteria authorities did not pay the slightest attention to this matter. They were warned that if they do not pay attention to these cases, they will face a very decisive encounter.


Non-Sales of Tobacco

Last year, the scientific council of Kabul University decided that smoking is prohibited inside Kabul University. According to the decision of this institution with scientific credibility, during the past year, the issue was investigated and a considerable amount of tobacco was collected from its branches and the cafeteria authorities were given a serious warning to stop tobacco sales. But at the start of the New Year, a smoker was picked up from the maternity wards of the Finance and Administration Office, and cafeteria authorities were disregarded in this regard. Kabul University will soon decide on how to deal with cafeteria authorities in the area of ​​this violation. But the emphasis is that cafeteria authorities do not have the right to sell tobacco at Kabul University in any way.


In addition, the Finance and Administrative Deputy emphasized on cafeteria authorities to have appropriate behavior with lecturers, students and all staff of Kabul University, and he emphasized the use of distinct uniforms, and called on the cafeteria authorities to ensure us that all its employees are formally guaranteed and provide their documents to the Finance and Administration Office.

A notice was also made at the gates of cafeteria to allow professors, students and staff to file a written complaint at the Finance and Administrative Office in the event of a mistake and a brief delay by the officials of cafeteria. The Financial and Administrative Department regularly reviews the status of cafeteria with the establishment of a committee.