Getting Preliminary Enrollment Exam for Master Degree Program at Kabul University

Competitive Enrollment Examination in Master Degree Programs of ten  Departments (Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Gender Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Pashto and Dari, Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature, Finance and Banking, Faculty of Economics, Animal Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Agriculture, International Relations and The Department of Political Science and Policy of the Faculty of Law and Political Science and the Master's Program at the Computer Science Faculty) from Kabul University, took place on Friday 16th March, in the presence of Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, Kabul university deputies, deans of faculties, some government officials and professors at the central library, central editorial office, and Kabul University Faculties.

Before the exam, during the ceremony, Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi welcomed the attendance of all officials for providing more transparency for the best practice test, assured that the examination of the master's degree programs at the faculties would be taken with complete transparency and the results would be obtained and in next two days will be announced. Kabul University Chancellor referred to the full transparency of the exam and ensured that the rights of all the participants would be reserved.

According to Mr. Farooqi speech, in the current year's master's degree program, six thousands included male and female applicants registered, of whom more than 3500 of them were eligible for the program, and participated in the exam. Among these candidates the ones who take the standard score in the English Language Exam, would be able to participate for the professional exam, but the ones who could not take the standard score for the English Language Exam, are not qualified to participate for the professional exam. Mr. Farooqi added that according to the criteria of the Ministry of Higher Education, in each program, there are thirty seats and the same number of eligible candidates, of which 50% are awarded through a competitive test and another 50% by the university professors according to the inclusion bills attended master's degree programs.

Kabul University Chancellor, also announced the starting of several master's programs by almost mid-2018, and assured that they would try to ensure transparency in all master's programs, to consider all the legal principles.

Subsequently, the establishment of the questionnaire was reinstated by the officials of the Kabul University and Mr. Farooqi requested all the qualified professors to take all necessary principles and guidelines in the examination, to ensure transparency. The university leadership also visited the exams process in the faculties. During the visit, Kabul University Chancellor asked the professors to take care of the ongoing examinations and also wished all applicants success and prosperity.

It is noteworthy that, more than 3500 boys and girls from the universities of the province, and private higher education institutions participated in Kabul University Preliminary Enrollment Exam for Master Degree Program, of which, among all of them, the number available seats in ten departments are just 150. The second phase of this special exam will be held on Saturday 24th March at 2:00 PM.