The Kabul University Intermittent Leadership Council Meeting

Kabul University's Leadership regular meeting session was held on Saturday 10th of March 2018 by the leadership of Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Kabul University Chancellor and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, and the presence of the finance and administration deputy and the deans of the twenty- faculties. This meeting was in the Kabul University Academic Council’s Hall.

The meeting was initiated by recitation of verses of Holly Quran. Then, Mr. Farooqi welcomed the audience, and congratulated the start of the spring semesters of 2018. Besides, he thanked to the efforts of university deputies, heads of faculties, heads of departments and professors at this university. He expressed gratitude and appreciation for the updating the curriculum by the twenty faculties of the university.

Then, Prof. Farooqi, talked about the hygiene and lushness in the academic institutions, and asked the urging all Deans of the faculties to make serious efforts in this regard. The chancellor of Kabul University also mentioned the activities carried out in the quality assurance department, advising the members of the leadership council to make students aware of their duties and responsibilities, while also leading the faculties to implement quality standards and quality assurance procedures, in order to strengthen on success of the education system. Prof. Farooqi also recalled the master's degree programs at the faculties, demanded that faculty councils should put the exam process in question, that they should consider transparency in order to make eligible and qualified individuals for inclusion in the program.

In addition, Kabul University Chancellor referred to the capacity building of the KU staff and their inclusion in master's programs, he asked from the members of the leadership council to take necessary decisions. Then the Deans of faculties, in turn, welcomed the efforts of the chancellor of the Kabul University and they planned to make a specific proposal on the inclusion of eligible staff in Master's Programs, and send their list to the Ministry of Higher Education in order to get their participation in the inclusion the KU staff. At the end, the meeting ended with the prayers of tranquility and peace in the country.