Commemoration of the International Women's Day on March 8th and Best of the 2nd Round of the Book Reading Great Competition at Kabul University

The ceremony was held on the occasion of Kabul University Central Hall, and the Deputy of Students Affairs, Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashemi, Kabul University Finance and Administration Directorate’s Caretaker, Mohammad Reza Farzam, heads of faculties, professors, employees, students and other government officials were participated this ceremony.

Ceremony was began by reading a few verses of Holy Quran and playing the national anthem, then Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashemi, Kabul University vice chancellor in students’ affairs, congratulated International Women's Day to all the women of Afghanistan and she also conveyed the congratulations’ message from Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Kabul University Chancellor and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, for all Afghan women and women's presented in the ceremony. In the message, Chancellor of Kabul University states that Afghan women have the high ability and they should work shoulder to shoulder with their brothers in the justice and peace and do their best to be against any kind of oppression and injustice together with their brothers.

Then, Mr. Farzam, the  Caretaker of Kabul University's Financial and Administrative Directorate, talked about the status of women in society and financial violence as a prerequisite, or a source of violence against women, that financial violence is the cause of sexual, physical and psychological violence against women. Therefore, achieving women's rights is impossible as long as we do not focus on women's financial independence at our strategy.

Mr. Farzam added: one of the most important factors contributing to women's financial dependence on men is women's lack of ownership of the factors of production; the vast majority of women who are in Afghanistan do not own their own labor force, as well as a large portion of informal workers. He said that, as long as we do not consider women's financial independence and women's economic status at our strategy, our struggle for women's rights will not be successes. Then he congratulated 8th of March to all women of the country on the International, wishing success and prosperity for them.

Subsequently, several other participants talked about the importance of the 8th March of the International Women's Day, congratulating this day to all women in the world, especially women in Afghanistan.

Kabul University celebrates this historic day, and reaffirms its obligations to combat discrimination and eliminate violence against women in society, and declares that violence against women is against all Islamic values ​​and human rights.

At the end, several of the best performers at the Book Reading Competition have been nominated, and they have been awarded an award from their colleagues. 

In this ceremony, all female professors and female staff members were admitted and Prof. Dr. Tafsera Hashemi distributed appreciation letters to all female professors and staff and gifts to workpeople.