Meeting between Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor, and Mr. Abdullah Yagen, Director of the Younes Amra Institute

On Wednesday 7th March, a meeting was held in Honored Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs’s office, and while Prof. Ataullah Dashti, the head of Turkish Department of Language and Literature Faculty, was also present there, Mr. Abdullah Yagen, Director of the Younes Amra Institute in friend country Turkey promised to build an amusement park with all the equipment in the campus of Kabul University.


At the beginning, Kabul University Chancellor, welcomed the presence of the Turkish official authoriser and the head of the Turkish Department of Language and Literature Faculty in his office, expressed gratitude and thanked to the cooperation of Turkey, with various area in Afghanistan, and in particular with Kabul University. In addition, Mr. Farooqi also mentioned the good relationships and interests of the countries of Turkey and Afghanistan, and also thanked the short-term training programs of learning the Turkish Language in the Turkish Department at Kabul University.


Then, Abdullah Yagen, Director of the Younis Amra Institute from friend country Turkey, at Kabul University, expressed his satisfaction with the activities of the university, said the Tica Institute and the Younes Amra Institute intend to set up an amusement park by the request of Kabul University Presidency, in front of Turkish Department for this academic center’s students, accordance with its master plan, and will also provide its equipment, so that students can use it in their spare time. And Kabul University Chancellor welcomed and thanked the Institute of Tica and the Younis Amra Institute for providing such park in the campus of Kabul University and made sure that he will provide facilities for their work.


As it is planned, the work of the amusement park, which is requested by Kabul University Presidency, will begin in the near future.


It is important to mention that the Younis Amra Institute has been working at Kabul University for several years and provides the Turkish Language Courses and other short-term training programs for the students of this university for free.