Korea has Plan to Build a Sports Hall with all its Equipment at Kabul University

Ms. Lea Prepada, the Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting of the Gender Equality Project Management Unit’s expert in Afghanistan meet with, Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi Kabul University Chancellor and Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, and she announced and promised to build a sports club with sports equipment in the Kabul University.

Prof.  Hamidullah Farooqi welcomed the presence of Mrs. Lia Perpada and their colleagues from the UNDP Institute at Kabul University, thanking the institute for its contributions in Kabul University, especially with the Faculty of Social Sciences (Gender Studies) master program. Kabul University Chancellor added that the masters program, which recently established, currently has the widest range of enthusiasts, and accepts a large number of male and female applicants every year.

In addition, Kabul University Chancellor welcomed the 250 thousand dollar donation from the Embassy of Korea in Kabul for the construction and equipping of sport’s gymnasium at the Kabul University, and they promised to provide all the facilities of work for its engineers.

Then, Ms. Lia Prepada also noted the effectiveness of the Gender’s Masters program, she said that the Gender’s Masters program is one of the programs that has been more effective for the people, especially for women in the community, which is also reflected at the national and international levels, and Everyone has shown that satisfaction, and this is a great achievement for Kabul University.

Ms. Pripada also announced the cooperation of the UNDP’s partnership with the Gender’s masters program until 2018, and asked the chancellor to take responsibility for funding the program. Therefore, Kabul University Chancellor said about the continuation of the Gender’s masters program.

In fact, The UNDP Foundation is one of the good cooperative organizations in Kabul University, which has been collaborating with Kabul University in various sectors over the past several years and in particular with the Gender’s Master Program.