The First Dissertation Defense of Doctoral Program of the Pashto / Dari Department of Languages and Literature Faculty was held in the Chinese Department’s Hall at Kabul University

The final defense sessions of two PhD students from the Department of Pashto and Dari Department of Kabul University Language and Literature Faculty were held in Chinese Department hall on 25th Feberuary. Two graduated students from the Departments of Dari and Pashto; each respected Prof. Mohammad Esmail Youn, lecturer at Pashto Department, and respected Prof. Reyhana Hamidzai, lecturer at Dari Department from their doctoral dissertations under the auspices of the Jury and the leadership panel of the university (Dr. Mohammad Ajaan Haqapal, Sayeed Mohayudin Hashemi and Prof. Abdul Khaleq Rashid, at Javier Lal Nehru University in India) successfully defended. At the doctoral dissertation sessions, Dr. Mohammad Naiem Azimi, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs and Kabul University Headman, Prof. Dr. Tafsira Hashemi, Student Affairs Deputy, heads and advisers from the Ministry of Higher Education, heads of the departments and some of the professors from Kabul University, and some of students were participated.


First, Dr. Mohammad Naiem Azimi, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs and Kabul University Headman, welcomed all guests at the final defense ceremony of the doctoral dissertations of Dari and Pashto Departments at Kabul University, the oldest institution that reflects scientific values ​​and it is a national culture that has provided scientists numerous years in bachelor's and master's degrees to the community, and now this is the first action of the university whose graduates defend their doctoral thesis under the supervision of the internal and external jury council. He added that the authorities have been making continuous efforts to improve the quality of this center so that we can turn this university into a global standard.


Dr. Mohammad Naiem Azimi, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs and Kabul University Headman also announced the recent achievements of the university and revised 90% of the curriculum of the university faculties and called on everyone to consider themselves to be responsible for improving the quality of Kabul University and to cooperate fully. At the end, Mr. Azimi has also been grateful to the honest efforts of the officials and professors from Languages ​​and Literature Faculty, and has congratulated the 18 graduated students of the program for their successes.


Then, Mr. Mohammad Esmaeil Youn and Reyhana Hamidzai, professors of the Pashto and Dari Departments, defended their doctoral thesis under the title of “The Khadem Naray Leed” under the supervision of the Jury, and provided answers to questions from the panel. The Jury members also highly assessed the quality of their graduate degree and congratulated them on their degrees.