The Commencement of the Monitoring Committee on the Implementation of the Eleventh Quality and Accreditation Criteria

 This meeting was held on Monday, Feb 19th, in the office of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ameen Azimi, Academic Affairs Deputy and chairperson of Kabul University.

First of all, the Academic Affairs Deputy welcomed the committee members and said that the committee had to submit a report on quality assurance and validation of this university in accordance with the eleventh criteria, and then it will be sent to the Ministry of Higher Education. Therefore, the Supervisory Committee keeps the prepared documents records and reports before and after the board of commentator, and then makes the reports available for the reviewing board of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Academic Affairs Deputy asked and requested from 6 members of the monitoring committee on the implementation of the eleventh quality and accreditation criteria under supervision of the chief prosecutor, Dr. Mohammad Azarif Sharifi, professor of the Department of Agriculture and the members of the committee, to prepare a checklist for the assessment of the relevant cases to be prepared and monitored accordingly.

The members of the relevant committee are scheduled to take place on the relevant days and will report to Deputy of Academic Affairs.