A Behavioral and Organizational Training Seminar for Kabul University Staff

In order to enhance the effective communication skills of various departments Kabul University, on Tuesday, 19th of Feb, a training seminar on organizational behavior was held for more than 100 senior officials, general executives and other employees of the relevant departments of Kabul University. The seminar was presented by Mr. Sayeed Wali Sida, Head of Human Resources Office to KU staff, which was based on interest of staff. Mr. Sida also spoke about the history and objectives of organizational behavior and considered organizational behavior and the purpose of using knowledge to improve organizational efficiency.


Then, several of the employees also shared their views on the issue, and suggest organization of such training programs in the future. Recently, a program of budgeting was Organized and launched for employees. In the near future, the university's financial independence seminar will deliver for employees’.