The First Preliminary Defense Program of PhD Dissertation of Dari Department, Languages and Literature Faculty, Kabul University was held in Turkish Department Hall

The Dari Department PhD students' Preliminary Dissertation Defense Program has begun on 14 Jan, and 4 students have passed their defense sessions. The the fourth day of the program was in 17th January and Prof. Samira Emami, lecturer in Dari Department, Languages and Literature Faculty and a student of the PhD program, defended her dissertation by support of her adviser a professors of the Dari Department and the respected scholars of the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan. Honorable Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor, deans of the Faculties, professors, faculty members, staff and students were attended on the fourth day of the program.

First, the program was started by reciting of verses of Holly Quran, then, Prof. Farooqi, welcomed the participants of this event, and congratulated this great academic honor to all the participants of the program. He said, Kabul University, as the leading institution in the country is responsible to educate academics at different levels of education.  In this regard, a large number of academics have been trained in Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and for the time being, for the first time, we are witnessing the initial defense of the PhD dissertation of a number of professors. This is a matter of pride that the university is now dedicated academics doctorate in educational levels.

Prof. Farooqi, congratulated students from doctoral program, and thanked the honest efforts of the officials and professors of the Faculty of Languages and Literature.

Then, based on the agenda, on the fourth session of the day, Prof. Samira Emami, addressed the preliminary defense of her doctoral dissertation with the presence of the Jury; she responded the Jury members’ questions and all her answered was acceptable by the Jury members.