The interest of Indonesia and its Embassy in Afghanistan regarding strengthening the Relations with Kabul University

Honorable Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi, Senior Minister Adviser of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs met Dr. Hassan Aref Rahman, the Indonesian ambassador to Kabul in his office on Wednesday 3rd January 2018, discussing the relationship between Kabul University and some universities in Indonesia.

Mr. Farooqi welcomed Mr. Aref Rahman, Ambassador of Indonesia to his office and give him some information about the history of Kabul University, the number of its faculties and departments and he added that Kabul University is the first and oldest university in Afghanistan. Currently there are more than 22 thousand students are studying in 96 departments and there are about 850 honorable teachers in this university. This institute has 16 master's programs and two doctoral programs in national languages ​​(Dari and Pashto), and there are about 11 languages ​​are taught in this university.

Mr. Farooqi added that Indonesia is one of the greatest Islamic countries that has many similarities and cultural ties with Afghanistan. Kabul University Chancellor also mentioned that Kabul University is currently interacting with many universities around the world and is interested in cooperating with the universities of Indonesia. In addition, according to agreements signed between Kabul University and some of the countries, the national languages ​​(Pashto and Dari) of the country are to be taught at some universities in Iran and China.

Then, Mr. Aref Rahman, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Afghanistan, expressed his satisfaction with his presence at Kabul University, expressing his interest in being a good colleague of University of Kabul. The Indonesian Ambassador also reminded that the President of his Country had also expressed his interest in academic relations with Afghanistan universities, especially Kabul University while his visit with the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. He added that according to its ancient history, academic and cultural relations, their country is determined and willing to expand its scientific and cultural cooperation with Kabul University.

Then, both sides prepared for mutual cooperation, and the Ambassador of Indonesia promised to cooperate with the Faculties of Economics, Computer Science, Islamic Law and Language and Literature. Subsequently, during a telephone conversation that Mr. Farooqi, had with the Chancellor of Islamic University in Indonesia, he considered the strengthening of relations between the universities of the country and the universities of Afghanistan, particularly with Kabul University, as important and valuable, and welcomed the strengthening of relations with the universities of Indonesia.

At the end, a donation was donated to Kabul University Chancellor by the Ambassador of Indonesia.  Also the Ambassador of Indonesia received a copy of Kabul University logo from Kabul University Chancellor.