Kabul University Academic Council Rotational Meeting

The rotational meeting of Kabul University Academic Council was held on Tuesday morning in 2nd January. This meeting was chaired by Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor and Senior Adviser of Chief Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, participation of Kabul University Deputies, Deans of Faculties and other academic council members in Kabul University Academic Council Hall.

The ceremony was started by reciting of verses of Holy Quran. Then, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi welcomed the participants of this council. He spoke on university quality assurance issues and its actual status, asking all university deputies to address this issue. Prof. Farooqi, thanked those who have contributed to the quality assurance level at Kabul University, as well as those who, in accordance with the regulations of the exam program, have done their work properly and reasonably.

Then, Kabul University Academic Affairs Deputy, Prof. Mohammad Naim Azimi, thanked the efforts of the professors and staff during his speech and he presented the activities of this deputy to the meeting. Similarly, Kabul University delegations and academic council members appreciated the efforts and good cooperation of some of the professors and staff involved in the various processes in Kabul University. Then, the provided appreciation letters was given to them by Kabul University delegations.

Then, according to the agenda the 28 promotions, consolidation of the academic rank issues of central and provinces universities were discussed. Accordingly, in the same way, they discussed on other issues of the agenda about official petitions of students, Kabul University discipline issues, that the members of the academic council shared their final decision on that. Finally, the academic council meeting was ended with good wishes for the country.