Honorable Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University’s Chancellor and Senior Adviser of Chief Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs’ Third Part of the visit Report from his Trip to China


On December 14, 2017

The Afghan delegations arrived at Ken Ning City in Yunnan Province at 9 pm and were welcomed by Pashto and Dari Professors at Yunnan People's University, and then they went to their residences at that university campus.

On December 15, 2017

Honorable Mr. Wu Ching Chang, Vice Minister of International Relations and International Affairs of the University welcomed Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi and his delegations at the entrance gate of the Yunnan People's University at 9:30 AM and he gave brief information about the campus map of the Yunnan People’s University. Afterwards, Prof. Lu Pei, the Deputy of the University and Honorable Yu Xin Lee, Director of the Relations and Co-operation International Student Office welcomed Mr. Farooqi and his delegations and took them to meeting hall. 

Then Prof. Na Jin Khawa Chancellor of Yunnan People's University welcomed the Afghan delegations and after introducing other members of the university, started the meeting. First she introduced the history of the university and gave detailed information on the fields of study, the number of lecturers, internal and external students, and the colleges of that university. It should be noted that the university is 66 years old and has 36,000 students, including 600 foreign students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postgraduate degrees.

Prof. Na Jin Khawa expressed her interest in establishing a partnership with Kabul University, and asked for cooperation in creating Pashto classes at the university.

Subsequently, Honorable Mr. Farooqi, Kabul University’s Chancellor, after introducing his delegations, expressed his gratitude for the invitation, hospitality of Yunnan People's University and he appreciated and evaluated the importance and position of the university in China, from the perspective of the geographic location and the range of valuable academic and cultural activities.

Mr. Farooqi Kabul University’s Chancellor, introduced Kabul University and he added that, this educational institution is the oldest and largest university in Afghanistan that before four decades of war it has had a special place among the region universities and hosted dozens of distinguished professors and hundreds of students from different parts of the world, unfortunately, the continuation of these achievements was not possible due to the imposed wars.

Then, he briefly described the performance and achievements of Kabul University in the past sixteen years with the assistance of the international community and friends, especially the People's Republic of China. His Excellency pointed about the relationships and cooperation between Kabul University and the universities of China, including the introduction of the establishment and activities of the Chinese Language Department and the Confucian Institute of Kabul University in 2008 and he mentioned the two major projects, the cooperation and the friendship of People's Republic of China with Kabul University. They also added that the China as a friendly Country was always a good friend and cooperator for Kabul University in the fields of scientific, academic and cultural activities.

Kabul University’s Chancellor considered important the initiation and continuation of cooperation between the two educational institutions (Kabul University and Yunnan People's University), and he promised in assistance of expanding the language and literature of Pashto and Dari in China. He argued that Kabul University was ready to expand its cooperation in Pashto and Dari language and literature, as well as the Arts Department, with Yunnan People's University and it was welcomed by the leadership of Yunnan People's University. He stated that the details and terms of cooperation will be arranged and agreed upon in the specific understandings and will be signed later.

In the last part of this meeting, the chancellors of both universities signed the agreement papers for the beginning of cooperation between Kabul University and People's Republic of China, Yunnan People's University and after they have exchanged gifts and took a group photo, the meeting finished.

Then, the Afghan delegations were accompanied by the honorable "Lu Pai", deputy of the university and they visited the Yunnan People's University Museum, where cultural and historical works reflect the traditions and customs of various tribal and religious groups, such as Buddhism, Christianity and Islam residence.

Afterwards, the Afghan delegations attended the lunch which was organized by the leadership of the Yunnan People's University.