Meeting between Assistant Professor, Hamidullah Faroqi, Kabul University Chancellor and Senior Advisor in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs and Mujib Ulodagh, Coordinator in Education Affairs of Turkey in Afghanistan

Mr. Fariqi and Mr. Ulodagh had a meeting on Sunday, 29th Sep 2017, at 5:00 PM in chancellor’s office at Kabul University. In this meeting, Mr. Adam Qara Aghach, Assistance Coordinator in Education Affairs of Turkey in Afghanistan, Mr. Omid Bashar, the Director of Emar Yonos Educational Institute, Mr. Hataullah Dashti, the Head of Turkish Department of Languages and Literature Faculty, and Mr. Khalilullah Rasoli, the Lecturer of Social Science Faculty of Kabul University were also attended.

First, Kabul University Chancellor welcomed and appreciated all the respected guests for their attendance in this meeting. Then, Mr. Mujib Ulodagh stated his aims and plans for this gathering. He said that the purpose of this meeting is to have incessant coordination between Kabul University and Education Sector of Turkey in Afghanistan. Mr. Ulodagh added that we are an organization that has lots of achievements in education issues and our activities are implemented from kindergarten up to university lever. He said that we would like to work with Kabul University, which is one of the biggest and most important universities of Afghanistan, in different educational and academic issues.

Mr. Ulodagh also mentioned that sometime ago, he went to Turkey and met the Mister of Education of Turkey and the Chancellor of Izmir University to have coordination with Kabul University. They are also interested to work cooperatively with Kabul University.

Mr. Ulodagh added that universities of Afghanistan signed agreements with some universities of Turkey in the past that unfortunately nothing has been done in this regard. Now, if our plan is accepted, we would like to sign an agreement among Kabul University, Izmir University and Education Section of Turkey.

For this regard, Mr. Ulodagh requested Mr. Faroqi to have a trip to Turkey and meet the directors of Education Sections as well as some universities of Turkey to have some discussions and become more familiar with their plans and programs. He said that if this agreement is singed, we can work and have cooperation with not only Turkish Department but also with other faculties and departments of Kabul University.

Mr. Faroqi, the Chancellor of Kabul University acknowledged the plans and programs stated by the Coordinator of Turkey Education Affairs in Afghanistan and wished him more success regarding this program. He mentioned that Afghanistan and Turkish governments had deep friendship and coordination with each other from the past time.

He added that Afghan people are witness of Turkish government’s support and helps in different parts of Afghanistan and they highly appreciate them.

In addition, Mr. Faroqi thanked the Turkish instructors who have taught Afghan Security Forces the new techniques of battle. He also acknowledged the Turkish government for its assistance and support in different parts of Afghanistan especially in educations issues.

At the end, Mr. Hamidullah Faroqi mentioned the problems occurred recently in regard of transmission of Afghan Turk High School. He added that the government of Afghanistan will consider this issue and make a decision which can benefit both Afghan and Turkish governments to have better coordination.