A Scientific Seminar under the Title of “The Role of Muslims in the World”


A scientific seminar was held under the title of "The Role of Muslims in the World" on Monday, 9th Oct 2017, which was presented by Prof. Dr. Humayun Qayyumi, Senior Advisor to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Infrastructure Affairs, Human Resources and Technology.

After the recitation of Holy Quran by Prof. Anwar al-Haq Amiri, lecturer in Faculty of Sharia Law at Kabul University and playing the national anthem of our beloved 
country, Afghanistan, Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi on behalf of Kabul University board of directors, professors and students and students welcomed the Certain Covenant 
Coordinators of the Ministry of Higher Education, Heads of Central Units, University Heads of Departments, Kabul University Vice Presidents, faculty presidents, guests,
 students, media and security officials and then he appreciated Honorable Minister, Dr. Humayun Qayyumi, for presenting his mentioned seminar.
The seminar was officially presented to the audience by Dr. Humayun Qayyumi and was welcomed by the audience. Then the organizer of the circle opened a series of
 questionnaires on the seminar, in which a number of questions were answered by Dr. Qayyumi.
In conclusion, Kabul University Chancellor, Mr. Hamidullah Farooqi, expressed his appreciation for this valuable and meaningful seminar by Dr. Sahib Qayyumi, and 
demanded that a platform for informing the state-owned government about infrastructures should also take place in such an atmosphere and in this way the community
 and the nation will be aware of his activities.
In order to honor Mr. Qayyumi’s seminar, Kabul University delegations presented a memorial Kabul University Tablet along with a few books to him. The ceremony was 
ended with the prayer by Dr. Niazi.