Inauguration of a Conference for Free Accessing of Roshan Subscribers to Contents of Wikipedia

In a conference Roshan Telecom Company announced that it will provide free access to Wikipedia with the participation of the Wikimedia Foundation to all its customers throughout Afghanistan. The ceremony that was held on Sunday 8th of October  at the conference hall of the Afghanistan Information Resource Center at Kabul University the following persons had participated; Honorable Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor and Advisor Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, Mr. Shafi Sharifi, the head of the Public Relations Department of Roshan Telecommunication Company, Mr. Najib Azizi, head of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA), faculty and students at Kabul University.

The ceremony began with the recitation of Holy Quran and after the national anthem of the country, at the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Shafi Sharifi, the head of Public Relations Department of the Telecommunication Company, welcomed the audience and expressed his satisfaction and presence in the ceremony.  Mr. Sharifi spoke about the reason of this ceremony, and he adding that since the establishment (2003) of the Telecommunications Company, with the participation of international organizations and renowned companies of modern technology, along with the provision of services for customers, seeks to improve and empower the younger generation of Afghanistan.  And it always tries to create positive points. He provided Wikipedia with information on the creation of a free access program for clear clients from Wikipedia, adding that our intention was for two reasons to provide this facility; firstly, all customers have access to up to date information, especially the youths and students, and secondly, information about Afghanistan On Wikipedia, our Afghans are able to make this information richer. Besides, he added that the Roshan Telecom Company has had significant activities not only in the academic and academic sectors but also in other fields, such as health, sport and employment.

Afterward, Honorable Hamidullah Farooqi Chancellor of Kabul University, and Advisor Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, welcomed the guests to the conference and on the behalf of Kabul University, he appreciated the initiative and effort of Telecommunications Company in the provision of free access services from the Wikipedia contents.
Mr. Farooqi added: "It's really a great pleasure for our Telecom Companies to give high priority to the issues and pay close attention to these issues, and praised their today’s initiative and is hopeful for the continuation of this partnership and contribution in future.

Kabul University Chancellor has considered the development of university relations and academic institutions with the private sectors in favor of scientific advances and the development of the country's economy, and he have considered this development is because of the co-worker such as; Roshan Company and other organizations and he congratulated them for this successful action. He expressed his hope that other telecommunication companies in the country would also be interested in providing telecommunication and internet services, so there would be a valid competition among these companies and it would be a good opportunity to use efficient, high-quality and cheap services of this sector. In addition, Mr. Farooqi requested the ETRA and the Ministry of Telecommunications to monitor the supply of these companies by providing a level of protection for the interests of applicants and casualties in the country, most of which are liable to pay high prices.

At the end Honorable Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor and Advisor Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Higher Education Affairs, called on all professors, staff and students to use this key opportunity to enhance their professional knowledge and research needs.
Mr. Najib Azizi, the ATRA office chairman, also lectured on the subject, acknowledging that his telecommunication office is responsible for providing services at a low cost and good quality for the people, and he requests all telecommunications companies to provide more facilities for the citizens of the country.

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