Kankur First Term Examination for High School Graduated Students from City and Villages of Kabul was taken at Kabul University

In a press conference, by presence of Prof. HamidullahFarooqiKabul University Chancellor and Minister Adviser in Higher Education Affairs, Student Affairs’ Deputy in Higher Education Ministry and many deans and lecturers from Kabul University different faculties,Prof. Dr. FaredaMomand , Minister of Higher Education mentioned that last year exam was taken with complete accuracy, but there were some inconvenience. Therefore, we could apply biometric system in Kankur process to prevent fake and skullduggery. She added that with the change of exam season; from one side, the curriculum in cold area high schools will be completed and on the other hand, education system will be synchronized with education systems of some other countries. Minister of Higher Education has talked about the acceptance of Kankur, too and she said, “this year 62 thousands and 562 students will be accepted in governmental universities and the remainders will be accepted in institutions and private universities with a special discount by deal of higher education association.” Minister of Higher Education asked the candidates to select their fields and majors according to their abilities and residences because students are not allowed to change their field or their universities.

As a report from Ministry of Higher Education, 43 thousands students have registered in Kabul that their exam will be taken in four terms and afterwards the exam in other provinces will be taken and the Kankur exam will end till beginning of July 2017. The result will be announced at the end of July 2017 and the first semester for new students will be started at the beginning of August.

Afterwards, Minister of Higher Education and Kabul University Chancellor unlocked the questions’ boxes and they asked the lecturers to pay attention to the exam process seriously. Kankur exam was taken in Kabul University Faculties while Kabul University Chancellor visited the process and asked the students to be careful about their field selection and he wished success for the students.