The 8th of March Women Day was celebrated at Kabul University

Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi Kabul University Chancellor and Minister Adviser in Higher Education Affairs, Dr. Aayesha Noorzai Adviser in Higher Education Gender Affairs, Deputies of Kabul University, Deans of Faculties, Directors and most Kabul University women employees were participated in this ceremony which was celebrated on 9th March in Kabul University Auditorium.
At the beginning, Kabul University Chancellor, besides expressing his pleasure about participating in this ceremony, he welcomed the guests and congratulated the Women Day to all women over the world especially Afghanistan suffered women.
Mr. Farooqi added that: Almighty Allah created women with sentiment which is oracle of mercy and made them the helpmate of men. That is why in Islam after centuries of cruel and autarchy against women, proper attention has been paid to their human rights and they could have the rights of living, properties and asset, voting, education, objecting and expressing their opinions independently. He talked about women status in Islam and especially in Afghanistan and he added that women have special position in Islam and this fact is believable. Mr. Farooqi pointed to the living method of our Prophet (PbH) and he added that our Prophet’s wives had good skills of business and education.
He expressed that Kabul University as an academic place understand its responsibility regarding to the development of this responsibility, in the radiance of Afghanistan government great policies and Higher Education strategic plans; gender equality, applying of violence prohibitions against women and providing facilities for women to be appeared in academic and employment area will be part of Kabul University Strategic Plans.
Afterwards, the participants listened to the message of country first lady Be Be Gul Ghani. First Lady congratulated 8th of March to all Afghan Women, especially Kabul University and she plead accessibility to justice and law in the way of humanity aims in their all social life parts.
Then Dr. Aayesha Noorzai Adviser in Higher Education Gender Affairs congratulated Women Day to all women especially to Afghan Women who love peace and want to be independent and she added that women are good cooperators with men in developing and constructing our country. The message from Dr. Fareda Momand Minister of Higher Education was also read and she congratulated the 8th of March for all Afghan Women and she added that a woman can reach all her hopes and can be a good manager in all parts of her life while she is educated. Therefore, ministry of higher education has always do its best to provide facilities for girls and women to continue their higher education and be a good cooperator with men in developing our country.
All the speakers in this ceremony talked about women and their positions in the society and also the actions that they do because of corroborating Afghan Women capacity building.
To celebrate 8th of March, Kabul University had provided some gifts for all women employee at Kabul University and the ceremony was ended by distributing the gifts.